my mission:

My love for art was something I had lost during a rough patch in my life, for I had pretty much lost my passion for everything. Perhaps some of you may know what it is like to go through a time like this. As a child growing into a young adult, for much of my life I had no idea who I was: my mind was a dangerous, alien thing to me. In the end, what helped me grow my life's purpose and taught me hope, meaning, sadness, acceptance and all the good things was finding my way back to art. Poetry. Art. To me, it is all one and the same. Surrounding myself with words and colors and thoughts and pictures that resonated with me - It let me build a kinder world inside myself. And when I was able to do that, it bled out into the outer world and made life more meaningful for me. 

Art has its own way of healing us because it speaks in a separate language and talks to the side of ourselves we have a hard time acknowledging and understanding. I want to speak to others with my own art because I wouldn't be the person I am now if it weren't for the great creative minds that influenced me throughout my life. 

Artist Statement: the painting process

I want to capture in my paintings the beauty and profound depth and complexity of the personal being.

I want my art to be a reflection - of character - full of pasts and ambivalent futures, feelings universal, quiet subtleties, the uncanny, the dark, sometimes perpetual... and sometimes ephemeral love...

I want to paint to convey in the language of poetry.

The painting process - to me - is akin to writing. It is like developing a character and a story behind that character. There is an internal conversation that drives the painting forward and feelings and thoughts and memories that get etched with time onto the canvas. 

Mark-making plays a significant role in my pieces. For me, they are one of the most self-revealing parts of my art. They can be purely accidental, sometimes a mere result of a stray change of heart, and other times, they are very much intentional. They divulge truths and sometimes they are haphazard scribbles attempting to hide or divert attention from those truths - whatever those intentions may be. Each action sparks a question - and before I know it - the painting evolves from one emotion to another. And then each backstory and past happening is covered up with more marks and more washes of color and paint until most of it is hidden from both you and I. Only certain marks and colors remain at the surface of the final piece that is to be shown to the outer world.

Read my poems, see my art: That is the best way to get to know me.