Shihori Obata - Abstract painter and creative blogger

I'm an abstract painter and writer of poetry, and I love to inspire others in their own personal lives in any way I can. I try my hardest to create art - whether it be in the language of colors or words - that is subtle and ambiguous, yet powerful and moving. I'm shy. And quiet. And I need to connect to others. This is how I find fulfillment for my own life's journey and I hope to inspire an infinite amount of people, now and in the future, in their own self discoveries.


Based in eastern North Carolina USA


I Paint

"So That Happiness Remains"

"There is a reason why I paint, compared to anything else I could be doing. My paintings are me, but a very different part of me. They are light and bright and happy: They exemplify everything I could never exude to others in any other form: not in words, not in gesture, not in math nor science, to family, friend, nor stranger."



My Poetry

I used to not always write poetry.
But –
I have always been a daydreamer.

I’ve had stories in my head since I was old enough to think, and the poetry I write is a shadow to all the places I have been, whether they have been real or imagined. I like to think that my poetry is the beginning to something. In all honesty, even I hardly know the entirety of my words, and it’s not up to me or you to fully understand them. It’s never been like that. They are the beginning to the stories in my head, so that maybe later I can understand a life I have never lived and feelings I have never felt. I write to bring myself to that point. Where the words are just the beginning and the rest is up to me. To my own choices. To my own endings.


The universe isn’t meant to be in the words… I write poetry to show that all of the universe is already in ourselves.

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