Relearning Yourself

 Relearning Yourself

Relearning Yourself

Thoughts that Run

this late Sunday Afternoon

I couldn’t ever understand what I wanted.

Even now… I still don’t understand.

But – maybe it’s the same with you.

There’s always been this sort of disconnect between the world and us. You and I were born and told to live this way and that way: Told what to learn and told what’s right and what’s wrong. In the end, none of it really made me feel any closer to this world. So I relearned: Relearned to feel. Relearned to live. And – if you’re out there too, like me, I hope you’re relearning it all as well.

Because I’m not sure what I like and I’m definitely not sure what I love.

But I still try.

I try to think until I can feel myself twist up inside-out until I can’t rethink back to the way I was. I try to feel like it’s not just my heart in it but everyone else’s eyes and souls all looking at what I look at and seeing everything we see and everything we don’t.

And through it all, I simply hope I stumble across likes and loves along the way – that make no sense, but

that’s okay.

We’re relearning. So if they see us falling apart and tell us that we’re destroying ourselves – at least we know- even if it’s to ourselves – that we recreate ourselves –

One by one – by one.

 I try to think until I can feel myself twist up inside-out until I can't rethink back to the way I was


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