I Like to Live in the Past

Still - I like to live in the past

I'm the type of person who likes to live in the past.

I've realized since I was young, that it's an unhealthy habit for me - But still it's a mindset I can't seem to let go of. Perhaps in the future I will. Though as of now, not yet.

They say we should live in the present moment. That we would be happier that way. And I couldn't agree any more with those words. I'd be happier for sure - if I forgot the past - as it came and went.

But I definitely wouldn't be me:

I wouldn't be as understanding. I wouldn't be as aware. I wouldn't be as wise.

There would be a thousand things I'd never know about the people I love, things that happened, words that had been exchanged... all the things I would have never understand and forgotten if I never delved into the past. 

When I was young, it hurt so much to think like that; But now, I've come to accept that part of me. To accept the past... And to be able to turn it over in my hands without bleeding so much. You know, I don't even think I get cuts from it any more. Gradually, it starts to feel like a smooth stone in your hand. There might be some weight to it, but it no longer hurts me. 

I hope your past will gradually become a thing that stops hurting you as well. 

Love you guys,