Aesthetic Bedroom Tour in my New Apartment

I recently moved to a new apartment in the Raleigh area of North Carolina. It is the first time ever that I have my own bedroom that I can decorate and furnish however I like.

I wanted to give my bedroom a cozy, minimalist style – One that’ll feel like a home and safe haven to me, yet won’t be easily cluttered or distracting to me. 

I spend a lot of time in my room, as this is also where I work, and I wanted to feel happy when I was in this space, whether I was in work-mode or rest-mode.

There is still much I need to add, but I am pleased even with the early stage of this bedroom. I hope you find this little bedroom tour inspiring. Enjoy!

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My Simple, Cozy, Aesthetic Bedroom

My bedroom tour

This is my simple bedroom and work area that I adore. Much of the items have been used for many years, such as the bed and table. 

The bed was found at a garage sale many years ago. The low table was thrifted many years ago as well.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Pink sheets and pillow case are from Walmart. I love this soft pink accent that gives the perfect amount of warmth to the space.

I love having a white comforter, as it makes the room feel especially bright even though I have a North-facing window. It doesn’t feel that way at all in many of my photos because of this comforter.

The duvet insert can be found here on Amazon. The duvet cover was also purchased on Amazon here

The nightstand I use is actually (I believe) I plant stand. For now though, I use it as a nightstand. It’s from Hobby Lobby.

The plant I have by my bedside is called an Aglaonema. The plant pot was found at TjMaxx.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Rug

The geometric rug is from TJmaxx. I like how it gives a Boho feel to the room. I also have a round rug that is actually supposed to be a bath mat. That is also from TJMaxx. 

The pencil case you see there is handmade from the Etsy shop ZakkaStudio.

A part of my crystal collection
From left to right: Kyanite, Black Tourmaline, Mangano Calcite, Aventurine, Larimar

I purchase all of my crystals from Etsy

Bedroom Decor Idea

This shelf is from TJMaxx. This corner is one of my favorite parts about my room. The ceramic giraffe is also from TJMaxx. The vase is from Hobby Lobby.

I have an assortment of crystals, books, Oracle and Tarot cards, and little trinkets adorning this shelf. Whenever I see this corner, it makes me feel happy.

These plushies are Sumikko Gurashi, which translates into “Life in the corner”. I find that these characters have a very similar personality to me.

Inspiring quote

I also like to decorate the walls of my room with things that make me happy. Here is a quote I collaged together. I like to see little reminders that bring positive thoughts to me throughout the day. 

I hope you enjoyed this quick blog post introducing my bedroom. It isn’t much, but I hope it inspires you to create a space that fills you with happiness every time you are there.

I still have much to add to the room, but even at this stage, this room brings me great joy to be in it.

Thank you my dear reader for stopping by!

Have an amazing day or night wherever you are in this world. Until next time x

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