Midnight Jibber Jabber



At the cusp to everything is nothing.

I’ve been painting some. And I wasn’t really happy with anything I was creating. I painted and painted and still I felt like I had nothing. But sometimes you need that feeling. I took breaks. I slept on it. A lot. I came back to it a lot. Covered over it again and again. But now, I think I’m finally onto something. And I truly love it. So much. 

I like the path ahead of me.

And maybe I’m too late to say this – but just to forewarn you, this post is going to be a bit dull. A bit loopy. Like drawing circles. Figure-eights. Cy Twombly like stuff in words. Although his stuff is far from dull. Anyways – It’s just run-ons of my mind. 

But I want you to know this.

And I want to remember this.

The feeling – like a memory – of me, inside, while painting. It runs on like this. Like a pen that’s scribbling on and on, dead on ink, simply making impressions until finally it lets go and bleeds. Ink. Abruptly. Surprisingly. 

Like that.

I’m sorry, maybe you can see my glassy-eyes through these words. It’s past midnight and I’ve already worked my 9-5 day-job and did lots of painting and lots of writing before and afterwards. Maybe I should get some sleep soon 😉

I’ll make sure to post some pictures of my paintings in these coming days. I want to finish them all together as a collection. It’s getting there though. I’m glad.

Who knows if anyone reads this – but if you are… wow, you’re a trooper for reading this far in! I hope you my dear, have a lovely day/night…wherever you may be in this wide expanse of a world we live in.

Until next time, my friend. ♥




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