Between Our Eyes That Fall

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Between Our Eyes That Fall

A Poetry Book Written by Shihori Obata


A blog post dedicated to my poetry book because it's been a while since I've talked about it. 
(And I don't want this to be forgotten.)


A Little Taste of my Poetry

a poetry book.

I like to think that my poetry is the beginning to something. In all honesty, even I hardly know the entirety of my words, and it’s not up to me or you to fully understand them.

It’s never been like that.

These poems are the beginning to the stories in my head, so that maybe later I can understand a life I have never lived and feelings I have never felt. I write to bring myself to that point. Where the words are just the beginning and the rest is up to me. To my own choices. To my own findings.


The universe isn’t meant to be in the words… I write poetry to show that all of the universe is already in ourselves.

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I appreciate everybody and every person who stumbles across my book and gives it a read - It makes my day to know that my poetry can reach so many of you. 


And touch some of you

... so thank you,

and until next time,