My Art Journey: Finding Meaning

 Finding Meaning in Colors: My Artist Journey

My Art Journey: Finding Meaning

In Colors


It's an important quality to stay in-tune with one's instincts. 

The notion of believing that wholehearted understanding will come later and trusting oneself and the universe to come together accordingly is something I hold very earnestly to. I don't know. Sometimes I think we miss a lot of opportunities and critical turning points in our life because we just think too much and want to understand before taking the dive - And that ends up with us being left behind. 

I recently stumbled across this Youtube video about Auras and the meaning of colors from Annie Tarasova (Check out her channel for more content about spiritual and self growth) and it made me turn inwards towards myself and the art I create. 


I am always wondering why I create the art I create

When people ask how I do it... I don't really know what to say. I pick colors that speak to me and literally splatter it onto the canvas. I don't have certain shapes I want to create. I don't have any procedure. I simply do what I do. Yet; I tend to lean towards certain colors and I never understood why. I oftentimes try other colors (I have boxes and boxes of other paints and colors stored away that I simply never use). I have tried. Many times. But - in the end, it gets covered up by all the colors I am more inclined to (the pastel pinks, blues, whites, and yellows).

 Shihori Obata - Abstract Art

I've mentioned before that there is the art I like... and then the art I create. I love them both. Yet; I cannot create just any art that I like.

But - when I watched this video, I realized that there is a reason that I create art with those specific colors:

Those colors are me. So very blatantly - me.

They relay myself to others in an almost universal sort of way. 

And understanding that comforted me so much.

I've just been so absorbed wondering "why? why? why?" and I guess I stumbled upon this video at the right time - because my spirit feels so much more at ease - knowing. Understanding. Not entirely, but definitely so much more so. Because I create by instinct. Not by thinking about what I want to create. I create what I need to create. From a part of myself I have no sight nor control over. 

And I don't mean to say that the reason behind every artist's choice of colors is because of this. This is simply perhaps a way of understanding my own art. Because we all make art for different reasons and from our own different places inside ourselves. Our sources of creative inspiration come from all different places. 

This is just a window of self-discovery that I have come to experience and wanted to share with anyone who wants to listen. Because I am always searching for meaning in the world we live in, and so many others must be doing so as well.

This is just a short, little post about some thoughts that have been going through my mind recently.

If you are perhaps plagued by your own questions, keep doing what you do and eventually you will find the answers as long as you keep your mind open and observant.

I hope you have an awesome one - wherever you may be in this world. Thanks for reading. Until soon,