How to Be Happy Every Day

how to be happy every day

8 Things to Do to Be Happy Every Day

We all live to be happy.

And if you aren’t – I hope that this blog post inspires you to make happiness a priority in your life, starting from this moment.

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There are so many possibilities and things to chase after in this world; Yet, what is the good in any of this is you cannot feel the joy of everything you have and everything you are reaching for? 

Go after what your heart yearns for. That is what you have come on this planet to do. Nothing is out of your reach as long as you fall in love with the act of living.

1. Practice happiness

I recently created a Youtube video on How to Feel Happy. 

To feel happy, you really only need to do one thing, yet there are so many distractions in our day-to-day lives that we don’t take nearly enough time to do this for our happiness.

Sit with yourself and focus on the things you have right now that bring even an ounce of gratitude and happiness into your heart.

Expand the feeling of happiness and sit with it for as long as you can. 

The more you practice happiness, the more it expands into a greater feeling every time. There is no end to it. Happiness can turn into an exhilarating joy that feels practically addicting – It is a feeling that you do not want to ever not feel. 

But the only way to reach that state is to practice happiness every day. 

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2. be aware of how you feel at all times

We live in a world of dualities. Of good and bad – and that is okay. No one can escape feeling negative, sad, angry, or worried.

However, it is important to be aware of how you feel and why you feel these feelings. 

Accept your feelings. And know when it is time to let them go. 

There is always a time when you must remember you are living this life to feel happy, and for your own happiness’ sake – let the feelings that are holding you back go. 

3. Ask for Help

If it is hard to feel happy – Ask for help.

Whether it is from your loved ones, from professional help, or from the unseen world that is constantly guiding you.

No on in this world is born completely alone.

Even if at times you feel this way.

There is always a way to receive help. From the day you were born, you have angels watching over you and keeping you safe. 

But you have to ask for help. The moment you try even in the smallest way to make a connection to someone, help will come. 

Even if you have no idea how anyone can help you. Even if you think that there is no solution.

There are many things we alone, as human beings, cannot reach on our own – But with help, everything is completely possible.

4. Be grateful

You’ve heard this one many times before, I’m sure.

But being grateful can be easier than feeling happy or joyful because you can be grateful for anything you have in your life.

Even when things are going wrong, you still have a bed to sleep in. You have a beautiful sky outside. You have food. 

There is always something in your life you can be grateful for.

And if you receive a nice surprise today from the Universe, there is your sign to be grateful. 

Gratitude is the first step towards happiness.

5. Let go of things that hold you back

Sometimes we attract and keep things or people in our life that don’t necessarily help us be happy.

If you know that something is causing you to return to a state of sadness, unworthiness, anger, or any sort of negative state, no matter how hard you try to be happy… it may be time to let it go.

Oftentimes, when we decide to walk towards a better future, there will be things from the past that no longer serve us. They may in fact hold us back from moving onwards to that new future we want.

Know when this is the case for you.

It may be scary or cause a lot of sadness and hurt to leave the life you know – But we all must face that crossroad in our life.

Do you want a better future badly enough to risk going into the unknown? 

If you do not know if this is the path for you, ask for help from the Universe. They will guide you and show you signs. They may even make it happen for you.

Just trust that whatever is in store for you is going to bring you to a happier place.

6. Be Kind

Being kind to others always makes me feel happy. And it makes other people happy… So it is a win-win for everyone!

Always be kind!

7. See the world as energy

Try seeing the world not as things, but as love. 

Everything is an embodiment of love. 

Everything has energy, and if you see that everything that surrounds you is love from the Universe, it will be easier to fill your heart with the energy of love.

8. create a life that brings happiness

Create a beautiful life that surely brings love and happiness to you.

Do the things that make you happy. Surround yourself with people who make you happy. Create a space filled with things that bring happiness to you.

No longer settle for just anything in life. Only bring things into your life that fill you with the feelings of love and joy.

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Thank you for stopping by this blog post.

I hope that these words were able to inspire you to live for the sake of your own happiness. When we can be happy, we are able to open up and give back to others in a more positive way.

Plus, the world becomes more beautiful for everyone when we can live with feelings of love.

I hope you have a wonderful day or night wherever you are in this world. Until next time x

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