My New Year’s Resolution: Goals for 2018

 My New Year Resolution for 2018

2018: New Year’s Resolution


I’m not sure what to say right now – because at this moment, I simply have no idea what’s to happen this year. Of course, I want to go places in my career and hit milestones I’ve yet to reach, but looking back at 2017, I’m happy. I’m glad that I was able to accomplish so many things I had never even thought of accomplishing at the beginning of last year, and I have come to realize that I have all my life to look forward to; and that has become so very apparent over the course of these past few months.

In all honesty, I used to never make New Year’s Resolutions because before, every year felt the same as the previous year. Nothing changed. But, changes happened these past two years, and I’m starting now to live for myself. I know I’ll always have goals as I evolve and grow in my career and personal life, and I could go over all these goals with you, but I’m sort of not feeling that. I’m a fairly spontaneous person: I’ll make goals for myself as I go and situations arise, but still… I want to make a life’s change in me I know I can implement into this new year.


One thing that I feel really strongly for is to support others.

In 2017, so many people have made a lasting impact on me: Nurtured me, Helped me, and Supported me.

In 2018, I want to extend that to others.

And even though, I’m not exactly well off, financially stable, or successful, I still really want to do this: Because even though I may not have that much to give, I know that even a few kind words and tiny gestures here and there make a huge difference in uplifting others. Plus, I want to buy more from other creatives and independent makers. And I want to feature them, bring exposure to them, bring together a community that cares and supports each other and wants to see each other succeed. Truly.

And I know I’ll want and need to come back to this post in the future to keep reminding myself of this. I hope we can learn and grow together, whatever your own goals and aspirations may be for this coming year: That we can raise a community of happy creatives doing what we love and helping others do what they love too.

So – Happy New Year Everyone!

 Happy New Year Blog Post 2018

And thank you for taking your time to read this. I hope all the things you are striving for and hoping for…all happen this coming year.



2017: A Year Full of Thanks


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