See A More Beautiful World



See A More Beautiful World

a poem

Sometimes we need to go back –

When we’ve strayed, not thinking we have. Thoughts think you’re right. The heart is not so sure.

It’s easy to lose ourselves in high aspirations, to fly high and forget. And that’s alright. I promise you – we all do. There are footpaths and stepping-stones all over, it’s so easy to keep going, looking down at passing ground. Repeating to ourselves: “One day, we’ll get there.”

– But what about the forest? Its shaded canopies, the rustling brushes, crawling clouds, bird songs. And it’s not entirely about them either. It’s about you. 

It’s okay to fall. To stall. To sit or take a nap. Where the footpaths and skipping-stones lead you isn’t your life’s purpose – Remember that. Instead, become a part of it all: Your own form of inspiration.

Live amongst it.

Live to become it.

When you stop worrying about the path below your feet and take a few more moments each day to explore around you and pick up beautiful things here and there, you’ll find something more important.

Something like dandelion seeds.

No footpaths. No skipping stones. Just the air and wind.

And wishes. 





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