A PinPinterest Review: The Best Way to Explode Your Pinterest Followers

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The Best Way to Gain More Pinterest Followers: A PinPinterest Review

A Tailwind & Boardbooster Alternative to Pin Automation


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Pinterest is an amazing tool for anybody who's looking to promote their online content: Whether it be their online shop, blog, social media pages, etc. Here is the best way I have found in gaining Pinterest Followers: And I have tried both Tailwind and Boardbooster.

I mean, Tailwind is great and I still use it religiously, but it doesn't have the right features set up so that you can leave the auto-pinning on autopilot for a very long time. Boardbooster was my go-to for that very feature, until it came to an end and was shut down. Now, I know many of us who loved using Boardbooster are looking for a new alternative to Auto-Pinning.

So here it is: The best alternative to gaining Pinterest followers


Using PinPinterest

I started using PinPinterest a little while back; And since then, I have seen so much growth on my Pinterest account. Here are the stats:

On the FIRST day of using PinPinterest, I gained 94 followers: Growing from 807 to 901 followers on Pinterest. I don't have a huge following on Pinterest yet, so these numbers are pretty significant to me. I couldn't get this kind of growth in one day from Boardbooster or Tailwind (although they have still helped me tremendously in growing my Pinterest account). 



The way PinPinterest works is completely organic: It performs certain functions on auto-pilot, and these functions in-turn help to bring your page to the right people and you have more of a chance of being followed. 

Here is an overview down below on what PinPinterest offers to their users.


Below I will go over in more detail several of the amazing features PinPinterest has to offer - And these aren't all the options they provide: These are simply my favorite ones that I have tried out. I'm sure I'll slowly be trying out more as I duelve deeper into this PinPinterest world ;)


Auto Pinning Relevant Content to Your Boards


With the auto-pinning function, you can either choose a tag to pin random pins from or choose one of your boards to pin from.

I use this function with the Group Boards I am a part of. I have a separate board that has all of my Blog Content, and I simply put in the URL of that board as the place I want to Auto Pin from. 

PinPinterest offers you the option of setting how many pins you want to post to a certain board in a day, and I have set it to start out at 2 pins/day in the beginning. Depending on the size of the board, I have gradually grown it to around 5.


Follow (and Unfollow)

Now, this may turn off some of you who are completely against the "follow-unfollow method" - But hear me out on this one

Truthfully, I was skeptical of wanting to use this feature on my Pinterest; But I tried it, setting it to following 25 people interested in the certain niches I tagged, and I set the Unfollow speed to 5 people/day (You can change the Unfollow speed to your own personal preference)

This is actually the feature that I think has caused the huge spike in my follower growth since I've been using PinPinterest. It's not because the people you follow follow you back - In fact, on my part, I find that it rarely occurs. I think just following a lot of users under a specific niche, just increases your engagement a lot in Pinterest's algorithm, and you in-turn are put out in front of a lot more people in that niche circle. 

Now, this is just a hunch, but Auto-Pinning was a feature I could do a lot better on Boardbooster, but I didn't see quite as fast of a follower growth as compared to PinPinterest (albeit still quite a fast one). So, it must be this feature that's causing the majority of my growth.

Give it a try if you'd like, and if you see growth (or don't), leave a comment at the end with your experience. I'm sure it will be helpful to all of us!


Invite People to Your Boards

This is actually the newest function I have tried out from PinPinterest; I didn't try this one on the first day. 

This automatically invites your followers to collaborate with you on certain Boards that you choose. Depending on what kind of board you have, this may be a pretty cool option to really build up a community with your followers and increase engagement. 

I'll post a update once I see the results come in from this feature.


Well, this concludes my review of PinPinterest. I really like it so far and am super excited to see how my relatively small Pinterest account will grow in the months to come. I hope this helps anyone else looking to grow their Pinterest as well, and those who have already done the research, but need that extra further boost.

* * Remember - Use PinPinterest moderately. Don't go overboard, doing things that no human could ever do: Pinterest will see your account as a bot and ban you. Only do what you could hire another human being to do for you. This is key.


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