What We Give to the World

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What We Give to the World

There is something in each of us that we must give to the world…And without knowing what we are to give, there is always a feeling that stays unsolved.

We live to give more than just ourselves.

I don’t know, perhaps it is in each of our natures: As people, there is something greater we must work our lives towards. That is how we, as a world, have come to be here, in this time and state, isn’t it?

I’m sorry this is such a strange blog post. I was painting and my mind just came to rest here.

There is a reason why I paint, compared to anything else I could be doing. My paintings are me, but a very different part of me. They are light and bright and happy: They exemplify everything I could never exude to others in any other form: not in words, not in gesture, not in math nor science, to family, friend, nor stranger.

I want to give something positive to the world. And it always seems as if “melancholiness” is constantly stained in everything else I create… Except my paintings.

At least right now, that is how things are.

And I am by no means saying that we must only exude positivity to the world around us: I love seeing art, poetry, and literature that embodies themes of sadness, darkness, and loneliness among others. It’s what I am naturally inclined to in likes and tastes.

However, I think we all must find a balance within us. We cannot live to be sad on the inside and only radiate sadness to others. Otherwise, I find that it becomes all-consuming. It is simply something most of us cannot live through.

Instead find what you crave and need in your life, and live to not only obtain that, but to extend it to the world.

Several years ago, I wrote in my journal that I didn’t know what happiness was: That is was such a light and faded emotion to me; Because if I felt it, it was never profound nor long-lasting. It came and went faster than anything else in the world.

Now, I paint to keep happiness close and constant to me, so that I do not lose it again.

And I paint for others, so they may keep that notion in their own spaces, families, and private selves: So that happiness remains.

What We Give to the World

Do you perhaps have any response or experience to this? Feel free to comment down below… ‘Cause I love to hear from you!


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