About Me


I’m a blogger that likes creative things and uploads a lot of drawings, paintings, and other ideas here on this blog.

I’m Japanese-American and live in North Carolina, USA.

I love listening to music, relaxing, and eating simple, yummy foods.


Zodiac: Taurus

My Youtube Channel

I recently started a Youtube channel! It combines animation with things I find beautiful in my life… although it is definitely still a work in progress.

Check out my very first video down below and check out my Youtube channel for more videos!

My Poetry

I’ve had stories in my head since I was old enough to think, and the poetry I write is a shadow to all the places I have been, whether they have been real or imagined.

I like to think that my poetry is the beginning to something. In all honesty, even I hardly know the entirety of my words, and it’s not up to me or you to fully understand them. It’s never been like that.

They are the beginning to the stories in my head, so that maybe later I can understand a life I have never lived and feelings I have never felt. I write to bring myself to that point. Where the words are just the beginning and the rest is up to me. To my own choices. To my own endings.

The universe isn’t meant to be in the words… I write poetry to show that all of the universe is already in ourselves.

There’s a preview available on Amazon if you’re interested.

Available in Kindle Paperback Format