• What I Learned from Moving my Site from Squarespace to WordPress

    I recently moved my website from Squarespace to WordPress… and boy, was it an adventure. There was quite a learning curve for me and, like most things, I hit quite a few bumps along the way that I wasn’t expecting. For this reason, I wanted to keep a record of resources for both myself and for others who may be wondering about moving themselves from Squarespace to WordPress (Because it may not be the right choice for everyone). This may help you in choosing the right decision for yourself. I hope you learn something helpful.

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  • 10 Reasons for Artists To Start an Art Blog

    Blogging has become really popular these past years, and as more and more people are building their own websites, the question just naturally comes to mind: “Should I Start a Blog Too?”

    If you’re an artist facing this same question yourself, here are some pointers I’ve come up with to steer you in the right direction.

    Blogging has its pros and cons like everything else, and I want to share with you what I have learned from having my own art blog over these past 2 years.

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