How To Mass Schedule Pins Using Tailwind

How to Mass Schedule Pins on Pinterest using Tailwind

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How To Use Tailwind to Schedule Pins


What Is Tailwind & How Does it Work?

Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduling tool used by many bloggers, marketers, virtual assistants, brands… pretty much anyone who wants to get greater exposure on Pinterest.

Pinterest is the “visual” search engine counterpart to Google… and knowing how to use Pinterest properly can really help your business reach the right people. And therefore, the right consumers.

According to
87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest.
72% of Pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy offline.


And I have to admit, I personally have bought several products and services that I have found exclusively through pinning on Pinterest. Pinterest is definitely an important marketing tool in a content creator’s perspective, and there is a reason why so many huge brands and bloggers out there use Tailwind to help gain ground in the world of Pinterest.


So how exactly does Tailwind work?

Tailwind uses your Pinterest analytics to figure out which times are ideal for pinning, so that your content can reach the widest audience possible. There are also several features on Tailwind that make this process of scheduling easy and helps bring other Tailwind users together to share each other’s content and promote one another.

*Tailwind is the best tool out there for getting your blog post to go viral.*

However, in order for your pins to have a higher chance at going viral on Pinterest, this is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Tailwind to grow both your Pinterest audience and engagement.



Step-By-Step Guide to Schedule Pins on Tailwind



1. Get Started with Tailwind

Try out Tailwind for FREE using this link. If you end up loving it, you can continue using Tailwind for $10/month after the Free Trial is over.



2. Connect Your Pinterest Account to your Tailwind.

After connecting your Pinterest Account with Tailwind, you should see Tailwind’s dashboard.

Make sure to download Tailwind’s browser plugin/extension so that you can easily pin directly to Tailwind from Pinterest or from any site you visit. (See Image Down Below)

If you have an Apple Device, Tailwind has an iOS app available as well.

** Take a look at the image below to orient yourself because Tailwind can be a little confusing at the beginning. **



3. How To Start Scheduling Pins Using Tailwind

Now, before I get into all the specifics, I just wanted to say that these steps are just my personal preference on how I like to use Tailwind. I have researched, tried, experimented a bunch of different ways and these steps are what I have found to work best for me through trial-and-error. There are probably dozens of different ways to schedule pins on Tailwind, so I would suggest playing around and seeing what works best for you as well!

I pin around 30-55 pins per day using Tailwind.

I had been pinning around 10 or so a day with Tailwind, but that wasn’t working at all. Once I got into the 30 pins/day range, my engagement and Pinterest profile views completely shot up. It makes sense…the more pins you share, the more likely it is that someone else will repin your content and it’ll keep going down the line through their followers, etc.

However, in order to do this, I had to upgrade from the monthly plan to the annual plan so that I could schedule an unlimited amount of pins.

I made the mistake of not doing so for several months, and just sticking to the monthly plan Tailwind offers ($15/month), but it hardly did anything to my Pinterest analytics, and I ended up paying more money than I had to without seeing the results I really wanted to see.

If you want to see that spike in your engagement through your analytics, I suggest upgrading to the Annual Plan ($10/month = $119 annual payment). You do have to pay a bigger chunk upfront, but after that you don’t have to worry about paying until 1 year later. So in the end, it was very much worth it (Just a matter of saving up that money, and I figured I would make it all back in the long run – which I now do).



4. Generate New Smart Schedule

Go to your Tailwind Sidebar > Publisher > Your Schedule

There, you will see a button that says “Generate New Smart Schedule“. Click that. (See image below!)

It will next give you the option to choose how many time slots you would like to add to each day. You can set it at 30 pins to start off with, and increase it as you get more accustomed to Tailwind. I currently pin around 50/day, as that is what I have heard of some of the top bloggers say they do themselves (And we must follow their wise advice after all!)

Below is an image of what your pinning Schedule should look like. Of course, the times will all be different depending on your own Pinterest analytics: It all depends on when your own audience is most active on Pinterest.

Start clicking on the time slots that are white to activate them until you get around the number of time slots you would like.

Okay! Now that is all set up! Next let’s…



5. Make A Pinterest Board with All of Your Blog Post Content

Perhaps some of you have already done this – If so, you are ahead of the ball-game and can move onto the next step! Yay!

Otherwise, log onto your Pinterest Account, and create a new Board only for your Blog Posts. This serves several purposes:

  • Your followers will be able to visually see what sort of blog posts you create on your blog when they visit your Pinterest profile.
  • If you pin enough, when others pin just one of your pins, there is a greater chance that they will see your other Blog Post pins in the related pins section (Instead of completely unrelated pins!)
  • ** For Tailwind use, it makes it so much easier to have 1 Board where you can schedule all of your pins from. Trust me, it’ll save you so much time – I can’t stress this enough! **

Here is a link to my Pinterest Board that is dedicated to just my blog posts
(Just in case you need to see an example!)



6. Next, Join some Pinterest Group Boards!

So What are Pinterest Group Boards?

Pinterest Group Boards are boards that have several collaborators pinning to one board: These boards generally have a lot more followers and pins circulating, and thus – your pins have a higher chance at reaching wider audiences when added to these Group Boards.

** Plus, with Tailwind, the more boards and Group Boards you are a part of, the more quick-and-easy scheduling pins will be. Group Boards are super important to this strategy! **

There are in-fact so many Pinterest group boards out there to join – And there are several ways of going about joining one.

Here are several ways I go about Finding Group Boards on Pinterest to Join:

  • Pinterest Search:
    • In Pinterest’s Search bar, type in “your keyword” + “Group Board” (ie: Art Group Board, Blogger Group Board, Health Group Board, etc) > Hit enter
    • You will see pins that come up in your search results
    • Go back up to the Search Bar and next to it, it’ll say “All Pins” in the Dropdown Menu
    • Click the Dropdown Menu > “Boards”
    • You should now see a list of Boards in your search results
    • Click on the Group Boards you would like to join and usually they’ll have instructions on how to join their Group Board in the Board Description > Follow them carefully
  • PinGroupie:
    • Search for Top Group Boards on PinGroupie based on category. It’s a free site… and they are so simple and extremely helpful just for finding the most popular Group Boards on Pinterest in your specific niche!
  • If you’d like, you can join some of mine: Here are the links to them – Just message me on Pinterest to join



7. How To Setup and Use Tailwind Lists

Okay, let’s head back to Tailwind now. Remember where I first showed you where Tailwind Lists were?:

Tailwind > Sidebar > Publisher > Click on the “Star” for Tailwind Lists

What Are Lists on Tailwind For?

Tailwind’s List feature allows you to group your Boards together into categories called “Lists”. When you go to Schedule Pins later using Tailwind, you can just click on certain Lists that the Pin pertains to, and the boards categorized in that List will automatically pull up. This way, you don’t have to constantly look for the same Boards over-and-over again.


Step-By-Step to Create Lists

  1. Select “Click to Add List”
  2. Type in a new List Name in place of the “New Board List” – The name can be a category that the certain boards you have in mind will fit under (e.g.: Blogging TIps List, Fashion List, etc)
  3. Now, Add all your Boards and Group Boards that will fit under that List category. The more Lists you have the better!

*Tip: When you schedule pins using Lists, make sure to double-check that that pin is acceptable for each of those Boards/Group Boards, and that you are not spamming (especially for Group Boards!) Look over the rules in the Group Boards if they have them!



8. Join Tailwind Tribes

Tribes are sort of like Group Boards except they are specifically for Tailwind users. You can share content both to & from Tribes. It’s Tailwind users simply helping each other share each other’s pins: If you share a pin onto Tribes, make sure you share a pin from another member in that Tribe, and they will in-turn do the same for your pins.

To navigate on over there, Go to Tailwind > Sidebar > Tribes > Find a Tribe

Search for relevant Tribes you believe is a good fit for your Blog Content using keywords and categories.

After you join a couple tribes, you are all set and ready to start scheduling content with them!



9. Let’s Get Scheduling Now (Finally…)

Okay! Now, we are ready to start scheduling our pins onto Tailwind! Hooray!

Here’s a Quick Guideline:
Pin 30-50% Your Content, and the rest the content of other’s


How To Schedule Your Own Pins to Tailwind:

  1. Go to your Board on Pinterest dedicated to just your Blog Posts.
  2. Click on the Tailwind button on each pin (See image)
  3. Choose a Board to Schedule Your Pin To: Lists are the first ones to show up when you try to enter in a Board name, but you can also search for specific Boards if you have one in mind.
  4. Add to Tribes if you’d like
  5. Click “Add to Queue Now” Button

*Tip: The more boards you can schedule a pin to, the less time-consuming this process will be. I made the mistake of adding each pin one board-at-a-time when I first started, and it took FOREVER to fill up my schedule. This is why utilizing the Lists feature is so important!!



How to Find & Schedule Other Blogger’s Content to Tailwind

  • One way I have pins other than mine ready to schedule is by having a Secret Board dedicated to Tailwind pins. Whenever I stumble upon a really awesome blog post, I make sure to pin it to that Secret Board so that I can regularly come back to the board and just pin away everything I have on there.
  • ** If I am going to schedule the pins of other people, I want to make sure that those pins lead to high quality, super helpful content, with people behind that content who I want to support. This way, I save time scheduling on Tailwind, and I can help support other bloggers in growing alongside mine. We are all in this together after all!
  • Schedule pins you find from your Tribe members.
  • Schedule pins from the Group Boards you participate in.
  • Scrolling through your Pinterest feed and something catches your eye.



10. Shuffle!

Okay, this last step is an easy one: Make sure to hit “Shuffle Queue” at the very top right of your “Scheduled Pins” page. This will ensure that you don’t pin the same pin five times in a row… or something along those lines.

And that is pretty much all there is to that 🙂 You can easily get anywhere from 3-7 days worth of pinning just from one sitting, and Tailwind will do the rest for you.

It’s a lot of information to take in, but if you follow the steps one at a time, you’ll be able to get a hang of it for sure. Scheduling is the easy part… Setting up your Tailwind and Pinterest account for success is what needs a little bit more effort on our part.

I hope this blog post was helpful to you so that you can have a step-by-step guide to help you in getting your Pinterest traffic to that level you are hoping for!

If you would like to sign up for Tailwind, click here for a Free Trial to try out first.

Thanks for taking all this time to read this blog post, I truly appreciate every one of my readers! I hope you have a wonderful day or night wherever you may be. And until next time my friends,


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