The Ultimate Resource List for Artists

Here is my ultimate resource list to getting started as an artist.

Whether you are trying to figure out your art style or are wondering how to get your art website up and going, you will find everything you need here.

As an artist myself, these are the resources and tools I use and trust on a daily basis to keep my art business up and running. 

My Resource List for Artists

Artist Resources and Tools for Running an Art Business

Topics Covered:

  1. My Must Haves for Running an Art Business
  2. Getting Started as an Artist
  3. Starting a Website as an Artist
  4. How to Promote Your Art
  5. Learn How to Draw
  6. Learn Abstract Art
  7. Learn Watercolors
  8. Learn How to Oil Paint
  9. Learn How to Acrylic Paint
  10. Resources for Art Students

My Must-Haves for Running an Art Business

Adobe Photoshop: I use Photoshop to edit and color-correct photographs of my paintings to upload online. I also create many of my graphics using this program – so it’s a great investment for me.

Canva: This is a FREE program I use to create graphics for my blog. It makes it easy to create templates of graphics so that everything looks consistent and branded. It also has a bunch of stock photos, graphics, and fonts to use for all your graphic needs. Definitely a must-have for any creative business or blog!

Tailwind: The program I use to schedule my pins on Pinterest. This is how I was able to grow my Pinterest presence from less than 50K to now over 500,000 monthly views on Pinterest. See my guide on how to use Tailwind here or try it out for FREE using this link.

Squarespace: If you want to build a website easily without the hassle of learning how to build a website, Squarespace is a great option for you! Squarespace was what I first used when I started my website. If you want a stunning website that is easy for both you and your viewers to use, this is what I recommend (Try it out for free here).

Bluehost for WordPress: When I first switched over my website from Squarespace to WordPress, I used Bluehost as my host. A self-hosted website isn’t for everybody, but since I make a living from my blog, it’s important that I have full control and ownership over my website. Plus, it only costs $3/month to have a website – so that was just another plus for me. If you are interested in creating a self-hosted website, check out my guide here.

Creative Market: My ultimate resource for finding anything creative, whether it be website themes, fonts, graphics, Photoshop Brushes, social media templates, and more. And I like to know that I am supporting creatives out there by buying from here. Check out their Free Goods page for 6 free graphic resources every week.

Getting Started as an Artist

13 Best Ways to Sell Art Online: Here is an in-depth guide on finding the best ways to sell your art online. 

22 Types of Paintings to Create: Here is a list of 20 types of paintings to create if you need a general direction of where you want to take your painting career. See examples of floral paintings, digital artworks, abstract resin art, encaustic art, and more.

Artsy Craft Ideas to Make and Sell: A list of 20 craft ideas you can make and sell for your online shop, from resin charms, stickers, crochet toy animals, ceramics, wall art, and more.

How to Find Your Art Style: Here are 5 key steps to help you find your art style.

How to Ship Art: A comprehensive guide on how to ship paintings, prints, and other handmade crafts.

How to Photograph & Edit Artwork to Upload Online: It’s important as an artist to be able to upload your photos online onto your website, shop, or social media page. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to just that.

Tips & Tricks to Selling on Etsy: Here are my tips on starting a successful creative business on Etsy. 

Starting Your Website as an Artist

How to Make an Artist Website: How to choose the right website building platform for the best success for what you want to achieve as an artist.

Squarespace vs WordPress: Which is the right fit for you?: This blog post will help you decide which website-building platform is best for you as an artist or creative business. There are pros and cons of each, and switching between the two can be a pain you’d best avoid.

10 Reasons for Artists to Start an Art Blog: The essential guide on why artists should start an art blog.

How to Create a WordPress Site/Blog: A step-by-step guide on how to create a self-hosted WordPress site using Bluehost. It only takes 10 minutes to start up with costs starting from $3/month. Practically anyone can start a website using Bluehost and WordPress.

20 Gorgeous WordPress Themes: Looking to create a stunning website? Use a professionally-coded and styled theme to really wow your website visitors and make their visit a more memorable one.

Promoting Your Art

How to Promote Your Art on Instagram: Instagram is one of the best ways to promote your art on Social Media. It’s a great way for art lovers and buyers to find you and your art. There are in-fact so many artists out there who get most of their business from Instagram, so definitely learn how to promote your art on Instagram.

200+ Instagram Hashtags for Artists: Here is a blog post where I have summed up over 200 of my favorite art hashtags to use on Instagram. 

How to Promote Your Art on Pinterest: Pinterest is another powerhouse way to get your art out there to massive amounts of people. Learn everything from the basics to pro tips on how to promote your art on Pinterest in this blog post.

30 Ways to Make Passive Income for Artists: Learn how to make passive income from your art and achieve financial freedom to put more time in creating art you love.

How to Use Tailwind to Grow Your Pinterest: My secret weapon on how I grew my Pinterest monthly views from less than 50K to now over 500,000 views. The more people you have seeing your art on Pinterest, the more viral your Art will become.

How to Promote Your Art on Youtube from NevueFineArtMarketing: Here is an in-depth guide on promoting your art through Youtube.

Art Tutorials & Help

Learn How to Draw

Drawing Tips 101: All of my essential tips on how to get better at drawing. Whether you are just a beginner or are more advanced, you are bound to learn something from this blog post.

30 Easy Things to Draw: Doodling is a great way to practice your drawing skills. Here is a blog post with 30 easy things to draw. My favorite Youtube Channels that teach you how to draw better are SycraDan Beardshaw, & Proko.

55 Cool Easy Things to Draw in Your Sketchbook: If you are looking for drawings to practice your art skills, try out this huge list of ideas of things to draw.

Learn Abstract Art

How to Become an Abstract Artist: A guide on how to start your career as an abstract painter.

How to Make an Abstract Painting by Tara Leaver: Tara’s tips on creating your own abstract art.My Favorite Art Supplies for Creating Acrylic Abstract Art: Some of my favorite, must-have art supplies for creating beautiful abstracts paintings of your own.

Learn Watercolor

31 Easy Watercolor Art Ideas for Beginners: If you want to try out watercolor painting, here is a collection of simple watercolor painting ideas for anyone.

Painting with Watercolors for Beginners: A blog post by ThePostmansKnock covering all the wonderful basics to get started on watercolors.  Also check out these Watercolor Youtube channels for more tutorials and beginner guides: MakoccinoKirsty Partridge, & ArtbyBee.

Learn how to Oil Paint

The best tutorials for oil paintings are on Youtube. Here are a couple artists on Youtube dedicated to creating oil paintings: Lena DanyaFlorent Farges, & Happy D. They all have tons of videos sharing their own tips and tricks to paintings with oils, so I advise just going through their videos and learning first-hand from their own process.

Learn Acrylic Painting

30 DIY Easy Canvas Painting Ideas for Beginners: A collection of many simple, easy to make canvas paintings for beginner artists.

40 Easy Acrylic Painting Ideas on Canvas: More canvas painting ideas for inspiration for those who want to try acrylic painting themselves.

13 Acrylic Painting Techniques All Beginners Should Try: This is a blog post from MyBluePrint that gives excellent techniques ever acrylic painter should learn.

Will Kemp School also has an excellent set of video resources to teach beginners how to start acrylic paintings. Find their full list of videos here.

My favorite acrylic painting Youtube Channels to watch are Robin Sealark, KatieJobling, Lachri Fine Art.

For Art Students

A list of Art Careers from StudentArtGuide. Also check out TheArtCareerProject site to see the breakdowns of different art careers: The required schooling, average salaries, training, and more information.

Art Career List - Artist Resource for Students

Colleges with Fine Art Programs from CollegeXpress: Here is a list of colleges with fine-art programs for artists thinking about pursuing a degree in the Arts.

52 Art Scholarships from PrepScholar: There are so many scholarships are there to apply to, so here are 52 art scholarships to apply for. Make sure to also look locally for art scholarships available near you.

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I hope you found this post helpful!

The important thing to getting started as an artist is to simply just jump right in: Create art. Just create for the sake of creating and share your art. There are tons of people out there looking to support makers and you will find your art lovers out there; It is simply the matter of getting your art out there to them.

Passion and hard work will get you there.

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