40 Easy Things to Paint for Beginner Artists

A collection of 40 easy things to paint, for anyone looking for inspiration on what to paint next.

Whether you are a beginner artist looking for ways to practice your painting skills or an experienced artist looking for inspiration from other artists, I hope that these paintings may add something fun and beautiful to your day.

Get lost in creating art!

It’s a great way to ease your mind and destress from everything else going on in life.

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All of the paintings below were creating using Gouache (Himi Gouache Set Review here).

Feel free to create these paintings using Acrylic, Gouache, Watercolor, Oils, or whatever other medium you have on-hand.

To create the clean borders, use washi tape or masking tape.

If you are interested in sharing the photos in this blog post, you have permission to do so but please credit or link back to this blog post. Thank you!

easy things to paint for beginner artists

1. Sky

Pink Sky Clouds Moon easy Painting

This simple painting of the sky using three colors: Purple, Pink, and White.

Create a gradation using Purple at the top of your painting and Pink at the bottom. Then paint clouds, the moon, and stars using White.

2. Moon and Stars

easy things to paint moon

For this painting, I used Prussian Blue to paint the entire background.

Then create the stars by either splattering white paint or painting dots. Some dots were more opaque while some were more watered down.

Then paint the moon at the center of your painting… And you’re done!

3. Rainbow

easy rainbow painting

Try painting a rainbow next!

4. Whale

easy whale tail painting

Here is a simple painting of a whale’s tail.

5. Mountains

easy mountain painting

Mountains are a great way to study shading! I also added hints of pink and yellow to add more of a Spring feeling to this mountain painting.

If you want to learn how to draw mountains first, here is a step-by-step tutorial in my blog post here.

6. Planets

easy thing to paint

Another fun gradation painting using Purple and Pink.

7. Clouds

easy painting clouds

Clouds may seem difficult to paint, but they are a great way for beginner artists to practice creating light and shadows in their art.

Generally, the top or outer portions of the cloud will be lighter. The bottom of the cloud will be darker.

Observe clouds outside or photos on the web and paint them, experimenting with different colors and values for different effects and styles.

8. Butterflies

easy butterfly painting

Here are some fun, easy butterfly paintings using a more abstract approach to their wings.

I really enjoyed just playing around with different colors creating these little butterflies.

9. Scribbles

scribbles painting things to paint

This painting of scribbles was created inspired by Cy Twombly’s works.

Even if scribbles are all you want to paint, that’s okay. Even scribbles are a beautiful form of artwork that holds the feelings, intentions, and gestures of the human heart.

10. Field of Flowers

easy things to paint field

Paint a colorful field of flowers and a wandering cloud in the sky.

11. Sunset

sunset painting easy things to paint

Here is a simple sunset painting to try out next using reds, oranges, and yellows.

12. Street Light

street light painting gouache

Practice painting from the background to the foreground with this simple painting of a street lamp.

Start by creating a gradation of purple and pink in the background. Then, paint the clouds. Use black to paint the street lamp and yellow to paint the light.

13. Meteor Shower

meteor shower painting shooting stars

A simple little painting of a meteor shower against a mountain ridge.

Create stars by first painting a wash of blue in the background (I used Prussian Blue in this painting).

Then get a larger brush and wet it with white paint. Using your index finger, flick the brush bristles above your painting and you will be able to create the little white stars.

14. Koi Fish

koi fish painting

Use red, white, and blue to paint yourself a simple little Koi fish.

15. Sunflower

flower painting sunflower

A great way for artists to practice art is through drawing flowers. There are so many types out there, but try painting a simple sunflower (Like Van Gogh)!

16. Night Sky

Night Sky gouache painting

I played around with using dark blue, purple and white to create the night sky in this painting. I also flicked the brush with white paint to create the stars.

17. House

easy simple house painting

An adorable little house painting to try out.

18. Birds

easy bird painting

A simple painting using only light blue and white to create birds in the sky.

19. Bridge

easy things to paint bridge

A simple painting of an aqueduct or bridge to try painting next.

20. Galaxy

easy things to paint galaxy space

To create a galaxy painting, paint the entire background black. Then paint an oval in the middle using a dark Prussian blue. Then dilute some white and create round swirls in that Prussian blue.

Finally, to create the stars – Grab some white on a slightly larger size brush and flick the bristles using your index finger.

21. Cat

easy cute cat painting

An adorable and simple cat painting to try out next.

22. Skyline

easy cityscape painting

Paint a city skyline next!

Remember to paint the background first, then the city scape using black as the last step.

23. Ocean

easy gouache painting ocean

A simple painting of a night ocean scene with the moon over the horizon.

24. Still Life

still life painting gouache easy

A great way to practice art in your everyday life is to paint still life around you.

What’s on your desk? What beautiful everyday things are around you? Try painting that.

25. Coffee

easy things to paint coffee

26. Water

easy gouache painting ideas

A simple painting of a girl (or ghost perhaps?) standing in a puddle of water.

Random… but that’s what I decided to paint when faced with a completely green background I put down without thinking ahead.

27. Paint Palette

paint palette painting easy

Another easy painting idea is simply painting your painting palette.

28. Dog

easy dog painting gouache

Paint this adorable dog with a bow.

29. Path

easy painting idea

We each walk our own unique path in life. Draw what you envision your own path to be at this moment.

30. Rabbit

easy rabbit bunny painting

An adorable rabbit painting idea to try next.

31. Powerlines

powerlines painting easy things to paint

For this painting, I wanted to play with the gradient of pink and blue. Then, I painted the clouds and used an ink pen to create the powerlines. It helps to create a pencil sketch first of the powerlines.

32. Hot Air Balloons

hot air balloons painting

A monochromatic painting of hot air balloons.

33. Dandelion

easy things to paint dandelion

For this simple painting, paint your background any color you like. Then, with a pencil, sketch your dandelion and the seeds. Use a drawing pen to go over your initial dandelion sketch.

34. Jellyfish

jellyfish painting

A simple jellyfish painting using only two colors: Prussian Blue and white.

35. Tree Tops

easy things to paint treetop

Try painting tree tops and clouds floating overhead.

36. Crystals

easy crystal gem painting

A simple painting of a crystal using only two colors. Feel free to play around with more colors if you like!

37. Window

window easy things to paint

This window painting idea is a great way to practice painting from the background to the foreground.

Start by painting the pink sky. Then, flick some white paint for the stars. Paint the clouds next and the mountain.

For the window, first create a pencil sketch of the window using a ruler. Then, go over the window portion using black paint and a pen.

38. Hamster

easy hamster art painting

Here’s an easy adorable hamster painting to try as well.

39. Eclipse

easy things to paint eclipse

Try out this eclipse painting: Start by painting the background with a dark blue at the outer edges and make it lighter toward the center. Flick white paint for the stars. Paint a black circle at the center, white outlining the circle with white border.

40. Sailboat

easy sailboat painting

Try out this simple easy sailboat painting as well!

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Thank you for stopping by this blog post! I hope you found some easy painting ideas to try out next in your sketchbook or empty canvas.

Feel free to add your own art style or twists to your painting as you like.

Paint as you wish and paint for fun! Enjoy the process and let your mind calm down from everything else in the world.

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    • The clouds are a dull purple, made by mixing a little bit of purple with lots of white. I highlight other areas of the cloud with more white. In the future, I will try to make a blog post dedicated to how to paint clouds. I hope that this will help! Thank you so much for your comment!

  • hi shihorio,
    love the paintings. i have a question. i only have watercolors to paint with and the white doesnt really show up. do you have any tips for that? also i am only good at copying drawings, could you help me understand ways to draw and paint things around me?

    • You may want to look into using another medium for getting your white to show up, such as buying a tube of gouache paint in white, acrylic paint, a white artist marker, ink, or even a pen (depending on what type of painting you want to create). As for painting and drawing things around you, I recommend doing some still-life drawings or paintings. I used to do them during art classes and it’s a great way to practice shading. Drawing or painting realistic art is naturally going to be a challenge so it’s okay if it’s not so great the first few times! You’ll surely improve the more you try it though! Hope that helps <3

  • The paintings are so beautiful, but I have a question.
    What if you’re painting on tiles?
    My sister wants to decorate our tiles, but the paint is barely visible. Thanks ๐Ÿ™

    • Thank you for your comment! I don’t have any experience painting on tiles but perhaps you can try applying a paint primer to it. Hope this helps ^^

  • What inspired you to start drawing these?
    What would you recommend to a beginner to start drawing small compositions like these?

    • Hi! Just start doodling! That’s what I did! You can draw them on paper or a drawing tablet and upload them to social media or a website. Hope this helps!