How to Draw or Paint Your Feelings

I often find myself feeling more at ease expressing my feelings through art, whether that be through drawings or paintings.

With words, I often feel burdened into choosing the right ones and hoping that others won’t misunderstand my intentions.

However with art, I am able to let go of that burden, not by bypassing it all-together – but instead, facing it.

Art is open to interpretation by everyone and that’s okay.

It is a universal language and there is always going to be beauty in art, no matter what.

Art is how we can all relay our inner feelings, even if we don’t completely understand them – and that is what makes it so beautiful.

I hope that this blog post may help you discover and experiment with how you can relay your own feelings through art, whether that be through drawing, painting, or more.

It is a great way to discover what your own feelings are trying to tell you, and who knows, your art may be able to touch the lives of many people in the future.

how to draw paint feelings

1. Don’t Push Away Your Feelings

It’s okay to feel whatever emotion you are feeling right now.

Sometimes our feelings can make us uncomfortable, even unbearable, but that is something we all go through at different times of our life.

Your feelings are there for a reason – and I believe that no matter what kind of feelings they are, they are like an internal compass pointing us to some unknown place we can’t predict yet.

So don’t push away your feelings.

Be aware of what you are feeling and just let them speak through the art your create.

Sometimes just letting them having a voice in some way helps immensely – so give it a try.

2. Let Go of Any Expectations of Yourself

In order to draw or paint your feelings, it’s best to let go of expectations from your art.

Your art doesn’t have to be perfect.

Sometimes what we see in our mind’s eye is different from what we can physically draw or paint – And that is okay!

The purpose of this blog post is to simply draw or paint your feelings!

There is no wrong way of doing this.

Healing is not Linear by Elisha Goldstein on Twitter

3. Choose an Art Style

Art Style Types:

  • Abstract
  • Realism
  • Surrealism
  • Cartoon
  • Minimalism

You can paint or draw using multiple art styles or a single one – the choice is up to you.

Create art according to the style that feels right to you.

Sometimes, there are days when you may not know what exactly to draw or paint. During these days, it may be best to create more abstract artwork.

Other days, you may know exactly what you want to draw.

It all depends – so do whatever feels right at heart.

Let love grow drawing
Let Love Grow Drawing by Alijt Emmens on Tumblr

Even scribbles are beautiful! Below is a painting by Cy Twombly from Artsy.

cy twombly untitled 1961

4. Make Art!

Make art! And make art regularly!

There is always a way to make art, whether that be just through using pencil or paper, or if you purchase some affordable painting supplies.

Experiment with different mediums (pencil, charcoal, pastels, watercolor, acrylic paint, gouache, oil paint, etc) and just have fun exploring art.

Fill your empty page or canvas with color.

Make scribbles.

Make shapes.

Write words.

how to paint feelings - Bonnie Gray
A painting by Bonnie Gray on Instagram

You can also try creating a collage like below:

Things to Draw or Paint Your Feelings

If you need some prompts of what to draw, here are a few things in this world that may evoke feelings or certain associations or memories for you.

  • Rainbows
  • Sky
  • Ocean
  • Paths
  • Faces
  • Butterflies
  • Mountains
  • Hands
  • Flowers
  • Stars
  • Fire
  • Trees
  • Pets
  • Light
  • Shadows
  • Leaves
  • Landscapes
  • Clouds
  • Houses
  • Heart
  • Draw / Paint your favorite quote

If you would like more ideas on things to paint (as well as examples), check out my many blog posts for drawing and painting ideas:

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Thank you so much for taking your time to visit this blog post. I hope you found it helpful!

People feel emotions in so many different and unique ways – and express them in just as diverse ways as they are felt.

It’s okay to not be able to find the words to express your emotions. Emotions are a completely different language – and how can it all be relayed through a couple words?

I hope that having the outlet of expressing yourself through art may ease your heart and let you freely express yourself a little more.

Sending you much love and have an awesome day!

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