New Art in the Works: Animation & Youtube Channel Update

Hi everyone,

This year (2020) I’ve been exploring many new creative interests that I never knew I wanted to try before – And I wanted to share with you this new work that I’ve been working on.

I will include screen shot photos of some of the content within the videos, as well as the video embeds themselves from Youtube.

If you are interested in seeing more videos from me, feel free to check out my Youtube channel and subscribing for more content!

I hope you enjoy them!

Video 1: What Do I See?

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shihori obata animation
drawing field of flowers shihori obata animation
night sky shihori obata drawing art

Video 2: My Heart is my Home

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house in the clouds
walking in clouds shihori obata
monarch butterfly drawing

Backstory to my Youtube Channel:

I created a Youtube channel earlier this year that was at first supposed to be a vlogging channel.

However I soon realized I didn’t really like vlogging that much and have since then privately explored film-making in various formats.

After many months of exploring and trying new and different things, I soon began to learn animation – And realized how much fun I had creating these videos.

I realize that they aren’t full animations, as they are mixed media and are not fully animations from start-to-finish.

However, despite this – I like it in this style. It feels as if reality and dreams merge together.

I also like that I am able to explore so many new creative ideas through this method and see how it turns out in the final video.

Thank you to everyone who has stumbled upon this blog post.

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I hope you all have a wonderful day or night – And take care of yourselves <3

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