• Art Talk: Why I Became an Artist

    I became an artist slowly.

    As a child, I drempt as full and wide as any other, and the dream was simple then: I wanted to be an artist. I drew everyday and practiced with as much passion and pure intent as any other child; And it was as I grew older, that I grew to become more disinterested in my dream. 

    I don’t know if you’ve felt that.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever lost a dream or not, but to live without one is a terrible thing. No matter what new drawing or painting I created, no matter the recognition or compliments I received, I felt a divide in who I was. And I no longer loved what I loved. 

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  • 20 Facts About Me

    Get To Know Me s h i h o r i … I LOVE rats. They are my best friends. I rescue them from getting eaten up by snakes when they’re babies and give them

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  • Relearning Yourself

    Relearning Yourself Thoughts that Run this late Sunday Afternoon I couldn’t ever understand what I wanted. Even now… I still don’t understand. But – maybe it’s the same with you. There’s always been this sort

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  • Two Halves of an Artist

    There is art I love: Art I want to surround myself with.  Then there is the art I create. I don’t know why they have to be different. The two, separate. I feel as if the art

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