Japan Trip Haul and Where I Shopped

Hi everyone!

I recently went to Japan and wanted to create a blog post sharing the things I bought. I will also be adding any cool pics I took there 🙂

I went to Shizuoka, Osaka, and Tokyo during my 2-week trip.

I went to so many places so I don’t remember all the places I bought these goodies… and sometimes there was only 1 stocked in the store (especially if it’s a small store at the train station)

However I did go to big shopping stores like Don Quijote, Muji, Seria, etc.

Also, I noticed that stock can change depending on the location of the store (like which city you are shopping in). So keep that in mind!

If you are looking for places to shop in Japan, I hope you can get ideas of where to shop in this blog post!

What we’ll cover in this blog post:
Things I Got in Japan
Where to Shop in Japan
Places I Went in Japan (with Pics)

Japan Haul

I bought a lot of stuff from Japan, including cosmetics, skin care, clothing, accessories, etc

I uploaded a Youtube video of many of the things I bought, so check it out if you’d like!

japanese hair claw clips

I loved shopping for hair accessories in Japan!

They were all really inexpensive (I don’t think I paid more than 700 Yen for one accessory) and they were all super cute!

face masks japan skincare

I believe I got all of my face masks from Don Quijote. They sell a bunch of skincare… well they sell a bunch of everything.

Some Don Quijotes are bigger than others. The one in Shibuya was a MEGA Don Quijote – and was really big!

pokemon snorlax lego

I got this Snorlax lego set from the Don Quijote in Shibuya.

japanese umbrella

Japanese umbrellas are super cute and come in so many style variations!

I found this umbrella at the Shizuoka Station at a store that sold accessories (jewelry, hair accessories, and umbrellas).

Make sure to check the tag because some umbrellas are only for sun protection. If you want to use it for rainy days, make sure it has the rain symbol on the tag!

wooden hair brush and comb muji

I got this wooden comb and hairbrush from the Muji at the Shizuoka Station.

I’ve never seen a hairbrush or comb made out of wood so I picked them up!

I also bought a bunch of clothing in Japan!

It may be difficult to shop for clothing in Japan if you are on the taller side.

I was confused about the sizing in Japan, but a store clerk told me that the sizes (XS, S, M, and L) are for height (not really girth). So as a 5’1″, I was an XS.

This made so much sense, because I was trying to compare the sizes at another store and I couldn’t tell the difference between the S or M tops. Now that I look closely, I can tell that the sleeve length is different between the two.

This may not be the case between all the stores (especially if you are shopping at a brand that is from overseas) but I would keep this in mind if you go into a Japanese clothing brand store.

Where I Shopped in Japan

Don Quijote: You can pretty much find everything at Don Quijote, so I recommend finding souvenirs here! You can shop for basic clothing, but I recommend getting clothing from other stores (as long as you are similar in height to the average Japanese person… Tall people, it may be difficult to find clothing in Japan)

Daiso: A 100 Yen store that sells a bunch of different things

Seria: A 100 Yen store that sells a bunch of different things too (I personally liked Seria more than Daiso!)

Muji: Has a lot of home goods there, but Muji did sell some basic clothing kind of like Uniqlo or GU

Uniqlo / GU: Good stores to buy clothing from, especially basics and timeless pieces.

Wego: Sells more trendy, hip clothing. They also sell cute accessories (keychains, necklaces, phone straps, etc)

Shibuya109: If you’re in Shibuya and want to shop for clothing and accessories, go to Shibuya109!

Alta: I went to Alta in Shinjuku (right opposite of the Shinjuku Station exit to go to Kabukicho). They sell mostly clothing there. The first floor did have some home goods though.

Train Stations: There are usually always little shops inside train stations. These shops are small and usually have limited supply.

Underground Shopping Areas: If you are using Google Maps and are having trouble finding a specific store above ground, it might just be below ground. This was the case in Shinjuku. Take the nearest stairs down and you might find a whole underground shopping area to shop at.

Some Pics I Took!

osaka aquarium ferris wheel kaiyukan
The ferris wheel next to Osaka’s Aquarium (Kaiyukan)

The Aquarium in Osaka is super fun and really big! If you’re in Osaka, I highly recommend it, along with the surrounding area (Shopping, food, ferris wheel, Lego Land)

tokyo tower moon
Tokyo Tower and the Moon

I visited the Tokyo Tower at sunset to see it lit up! I didn’t go to the top though because I went to Skytree earlier.

view from Tokyo Skytree
The view from Tokyo Skytree

There is also a small area where the floor is glass and you can see the city down below.

godzilla shinjuku tokyo
Godzilla at Shinjuku, Tokyo (Kabukicho)
shinjuku gyoen japan trip
Shinjuku Gyoen (I highly recommend visiting if you are in Shinjuku!)

Shinjuku Gyoen was my favorite attraction in Shinjuku. I highly recommend going if you love nature and plants!

Thank you so much for visiting this blog post!

I hope you enjoyed this little blog post and found some ideas to what to look for in Japan and where to shop!

Are you going to Japan? What are you most excited for? I’d love to know in the comment section!

I am wishing you a wonderful day or night, and until next time!

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