20 Cute Easy Bunny Rabbit Drawing Ideas

Wondering how to draw a rabbit?

Here is a collection of easy rabbit drawing ideas for beginner artists to draw in their sketchbook or doodle page.

Whether you want to practice drawing realistic rabbits, a simple cute rabbit doodle, or the Easter rabbit, I hope you find the right drawing idea for you.

Drawing Tips: First, start off by creating your pencil sketch. Then, go over your lines with an ink pen. Once the ink dries, erase the pencil sketch underneath and you are left with your finished ink drawing!

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Materials Used:

Pencil: Casemate Mechanical Pencil (0.7 mm)

Eraser: Brand not known

Paper: Canson Mixed Media Sketchbook (Can be found on Amazon here)

Pen: Pigma Micron Pen in 03 (Can be bought in a pack of various sizes on Amazon)

cute easy rabbit bunny drawings

1. Realistic Rabbit Drawings

Practice drawing different rabbit poses with these somewhat realistic rabbit drawing ideas.

Rabbits are a great way to practice your drawing skills because their shape isn’t too complicated to draw.

Plus, rabbits are cute no matter what!

bunny rabbit drawings

2. Lop Eared Rabbit

Here is an adorable drawing of a lop eared rabbit to draw.

easy rabbit drawing

3. Rabbit Face

Let’s draw a simple rabbit face with a heart next.

cute rabbit face

4. Fluffy Rabbit

Here is a very simple drawing of a very fluffy bunny, perfect for a quick doodle session.

easy fluffy rabbit drawing

5. Rabbit with Sunglasses

I like drawing animals wearing sunglasses, so here’s our little rabbit friend wearing them as well!

sunglasses rabbit drawing

6. Jumping Rabbit

Here is a simple drawing of a jumping rabbit to try out as well.

jumping rabbit drawing

7. Rabbit Doodle

Here is a quick little doodle of a rabbit to try next!

simple rabbit doodle

8. Fuzz Ball Rabbit

Create the appearance of a fuzzy rabbit by creating small lines that radiate out in the shape of a circle.

cute easy bunny drawing

9. Grooming Rabbit

Here is a drawing of a grooming rabbit to try out.

grooming rabbit drawing

10. Rabbit from Behind

This rabbit drawing is from my other blog post 50 Cute Easy Things to Draw.

rabbit drawing cute

11. Rabbit with Glasses

Here is a fun doodle of a bunny with glasses and a bowtie.

rabbit glasses drawing

12. Lazy Rabbit Drawing

Let’s draw a sleepy, lazy bunny next (cause we all get in that mood every now and then) 🀣

not today rabbit drawing

13. Kawaii Rabbit

Here is a cute rabbit drawing idea with a little bow on their head.

cute kawaii bunny rabbit drawing

14. Simple Rabbit Drawing

A very simple rabbit drawing that anyone can try drawing.

easy rabbit drawing

15. Couple Rabbit

Here is a drawing of two rabbits together.

rabbit couple drawing

16. Rabbit Amongst the Flowers

I love drawing flowers so I had to draw a rabbit among a bunch of daisies.

rabbit flowers drawing

17. Rabbit with Carrot Drawing

Here is a drawing of a cute rabbit with a giant carrot.

This would be a perfect Easter rabbit doodle for kids to draw as well!

easter rabbit drawing carrot

18. Just Chilling

Here’s a cute little rabbit just chilling out.

rabbit drawing cute bunny

19. Funny Rabbit Drawing

Here is a funny rabbit drawing that is pretty easy to recreate.

funny rabbit drawing

20. Round Rabbit

Draw a rabbit from an oval shape and you still get an adorable rabbit drawing.

round rabbit drawing easy

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Thank you so much for stopping by this blog post!

I hope you enjoyed this little collection of rabbit drawings and found some you’d like to try drawing yourself.

I wish you an amazing day or night and until next time my fellow artists!

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