30 Easy Cat Drawing Ideas

I often find myself drawing a lot of cats.

That is why I decided to create a collection of cute, easy cat drawing ideas for beginner artists to try out next in their sketchbook.

Cats are such a cute and interesting subject to draw so I hope you have as much fun as I did when drawing these cat characters.

I tried to include different types of cat drawings so that no matter what level of drawing skill you are at, you may find the right drawing that sparks your creative passion to begin drawing!

Don’t worry about perfectionism.

The more you draw, the better you will become and the more your drawing style will develop πŸ™‚

I want everyone to just have fun and let their day’s stress fade way.

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Tips for Drawing: Create a pencil sketch of your drawing. Go over the sketch with a pen (I use Pigma Micron Pens from Amazon). Once the ink dries, erase the pencil sketch to reveal your finished ink drawing!

Alrighty, let’s get to the cat drawings now! I hope you enjoy~

easy cute cat drawing ideas

1. Cat Poses

Try practicing drawing cats in various poses.

Below are some simple drawing ideas to get you started.

cat poses drawing

2. Cat Facial Expressions

Cats are such expressive animals so here is an easy drawing to try out to try to capture the different moods of cats.

cat facial expressions drawing

3. Mrrp Cat

I love it when cats make the mrrp sound so I created a little doodle of it.

mrrp cat drawing

4. Realistic Cat

Practicing drawing a realistic cat doesn’t have to be too difficult.

For beginner artists, even just drawing the basic outline of a cat can help you get better at drawing.

Practicing art is all about the baby steps! We all get better a little at a time.

realistic cat drawing easy

5. Holding a Cat

Here’s a simple and cute drawing of a cat being held up.

holding cat drawing

6. If It Fits, I Sits

Cats find solace sitting in the strangest places. Below is a drawing I made of a cat sitting in a cardboard box.

cat in box drawing if it fits i sits

7. Sleeping Cat

Cats just love to sleep. Below is just a simple drawing of a napping kitty.

sleeping cat drawing

8. Prowling Cat

Here is a quick little doodle of a cat on the prowl.

cat doodle easy simple

9. Magic Cat

I like drawing whimsical doodles, so here is a cat with a top hat, bowtie, stars, and space.

magic cat drawing easy cute

10. A Cat and a Yarn Ball

I love drawing cats lounging about, rolling around on the floor. Here is a little cat with a yarn ball to play with.

cat playing yarn drawing

11. Chibi Cat

If you are looking for a cute, chibi cat drawing to draw, try this simple one!

chibi cat drawing kawaii

12. Sitting Cat

A very simple cat doodle that was part of my blog post 35 Animal Drawing Ideas.

cat sitting easy drawing

13. Amongst the Flowers

Here’s an easy drawing of a happy outdoor cat amongst the flowers.

cat and flowers drawing cute

14. Talk to the Tail

Here is a cute little drawing of an annoyed cat to draw.

cat drawing cute

15. Mochi Cat

Here is a super easy cat drawing to try out.

Simply start by drawing a mochi shape and adding the cat ears, eyes, mouth, whiskers and tail!

easy cat drawing cute

16. Royalty Cat

Sometimes, it feels like cats are royalty or something, so here is a cute little drawing to reflect that.

royalty cat drawing

17. Whatcha Doin’?

Here is a cat drawing I made from my other blog post on easy circle drawings to try out.

easy cat drawing circle

18. Cat Paw

Cat paws are so adorable so I thought I’d include a simple drawing of one in this blog post as well.

cat paw drawing

19. Smiling Cat

Here is an adorable drawing of a smiling cat with a butterfly to try drawing as well.

smiling cat butterfly drawing

20. A Cat and Their Book

I don’t know if cats like books or not, but here’s just a cute drawing of a cat and their book anyways.

cat and book drawing

21. Leaping Cat

Here is an easy fun drawing of a leaping cat to try.

easy cat drawing stars

22. Floofy Cat

I don’t know if this cat is floofy or just a blob.

cat drawing simple

23. Cats are Cool

Cats are cool and they probably already know it.

cat drawing sunglasses

24. Cat Riding a Cloud

Here is an adorable drawing of a cat riding on a cloud I drew for another blog post!

I think it turned out so adorable <3

cat cloud drawing

25. Hiding Cat

I love watching videos of cats hiding behind a corner so here’s a drawing of one.

easy cat drawing

26. Cat Planet

I love drawing planets… so here’s a drawing of a cat planet xD

cat planet drawing

27. Computer Cat

Here is a little drawing I drew of a cat on a computer!

If you are interested in learning how to draw more computers, check out my other blog post 16 Easy Computer Drawing Ideas

typing cat computer drawing

28. Fly Me to the Moon

Here is a drawing of a cat flying to the moon on a paper airplane!

This drawing is from my blog post 30 Cool Aesthetic Drawing Ideas, so check out the blog post if you’d like some more aesthetic drawing ideas!

flying cat moon drawing

29. Cat Doodle

Here is another very simple cat drawing to try out in your sketchbook!

cat drawing simple

30. Scaredy Cat

Here is a cat in defense-mode to draw. I think it came out looking so cute ^^

scaredy cat drawing

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Thank you so much for stopping by this blog post!

I hope you found some easy, cute cat drawing ideas to try out next in your sketchbook! I also hope you have as much fun as I did when creating these drawings!

And until next time my lovely artists! Have a wonderful day or night <3

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