16 Easy Computer Drawing Ideas

Hello everyone!

I wanted to draw something a little different today than my usual animals and nature-inspired drawings so I’ve decided to draw computers in today’s blog post.

Computers are a great way to practice drawing for beginner artists because they consist mostly of straight lines and are a rectangular shape.

I don’t usually find myself drawing computers so this was good practice for me as well!

I have included drawings of modern computers, retro PCs, and laptops so I hope you can find the type of computer you are interested in drawing.

Let’s get to the drawings now – I hope you enjoy!

easy computer drawing ideas

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1. Computer Setup Drawing

Let’s start off drawing a basic desktop computer set up, with the monitor, tower, keyboard, and mouse.

Feel free to simplify your drawing by just drawing the monitor and keyboard for example.

simple computer drawing

2. Simple PC Doodle

If you’re looking for a simple, easy computer doodle to draw, here is a simplified ink pen drawing of one.

simple computer doodle drawing

3. Laptop Drawing

Here is a cute but simple doodle of a laptop with a smiley face.

laptop drawing easy

4. Retro PC

Here’s a drawing of an old-fashioned, retro PC to try out.

retro computer drawing

5. Step-By-Step Drawing

Here’s a step-by-step drawing tutorial for how to draw a retro-style computer to help the process a little easier 🙂

Also, feel free to use this tutorial as a basic guide for drawing any of the other computers in this blog post!

Step 1: Draw a square. This will be your computer’s monitor.

Step 2: Draw the sides of the monitor as shown below.

computer drawing

Step 3: Draw the screen of your computer’s monitor as shown below.

computer drawing

Step 4: Draw the tower of your computer.

Back then, we used to put towers underneath the monitor so I drew it like so for this retro computer drawing.

computer drawing retro

For Step 5, let’s draw the keys of our keyboard next!

computer doodle

Step 6: Draw the sides of the keyboard.

computer drawing

Step 7: Draw the mouse.

computer drawing

Here’s an overview of the steps as well.

computer step by step drawing

Here is also a closeup of the final computer drawing!

computer step by step drawing

6. You’ve Got Mail

Let’s draw a side-profile of a computer next.

I drew this one with a email notification bubble.

mail computer doodle

7. Shooting Star

I love drawing stars and space themes in my drawings, so I decided to draw a shooting star going through the computer screen.

Also, I find drawing stars pretty therapeutic for some reason.

shooting star computer drawing

8. Cloud Computer

Here’s a drawing I drew from an earlier blog post 22 Easy Cloud Drawing Ideas.

This drawing is actually what inspired me to create this blog post… because I realized drawing computers is actually pretty fun.

cloud computer drawing

9. Hello World

I wanted to draw another computer with a face so here it is!

It looks kind of like a robot now 🙂

hello world computer drawing

10. Tech Cat

Here is an adorable drawing of a cat typing away on their computer.

cat typing computer drawing

11. Divoom Drawing

Divooms look like a mini computer so I decided to draw one for this blog post.

And in case you don’t know what a Divoom it, here it is on Amazon. A Divoom is a bluetooth speaker that also has a monitor to show pixel artwork.

I don’t have one… yet. I think it’s adorable though and one day I hope I can get my hands on one ^^

divoom drawing cute

12. Cool Computer

I like to draw things with sunglasses so here’s a computer wearing some shades too.

computer monitor sunglasses drawing

13. Broken Computer

Here’s a drawing of a broken computer with flowers growing around it.

broken computer drawing flowers

14. Laptop Cat

I’ve been watching a lot of cat videos lately so let’s draw a cat on a laptop screen next.

cat laptop drawing

15. Typing Away

Here’s a drawing of a girl typing away at her computer desk.

girl typing computer drawing

16. Pink Computer

Here’s another rendition of an old-school computer except I wanted to make it pink.

pink computer drawing retro old

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Thank you so much for stopping by this blog post!

I hope you enjoyed the doodles here and that it inspired you to try drawing a computer! Leave a comment or share if you’d like as well!

If you are interested in more drawing ideas, feel free to take a look around the blog for more ideas.

I am wishing you a wonderful day or night, and until next time 🙂

Have fun drawing as always!

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