22 Easy Cloud Drawing Ideas

I’m so happy clouds exist – They’re just so beautiful, puffy, and calming to watch.

Plus, they give us exciting things to experience like rain, snow, and thunderstorms πŸ™‚ (As long as they’re not too extreme!)

That’s why I decided to draw clouds next in today’s blog post!

Here is a little collection of simple cloud drawing ideas to try out in your sketchbook or doodle page.

I feel like we all try to draw clouds eventually – so I have also included some creative ways to draw clouds as well! For a little twist to a simple cloud doodle.

Now, let’s get to the drawings! I hope you enjoy!

1. Step-By-Step Drawing

Let’s first start off with a simple step-by-step overview on how to draw a simple cloud.

Step 1 is essentially drawing your cloud shape. There are so many drawing styles so feel free to draw whatever cloud shape you like πŸ™‚

Step 2 is just adding little details to your cloud, such as puffy lines.

Step 3 is adding shadows to the bottom of your cloud and wherever you like, depending on the light source.

easy cloud step by step drawing

You can use these steps as a basic guideline for any other cloud drawings you create.

2. Cloud Shapes

Here are some different shapes and styles you can draw your cloud as.

I used a combination of a black ink pen to outline the clouds, a pencil to create shadows, and a colored pencil to color in the sky.

cloud drawing easy

3. Moon and Clouds

This pencil drawing is from another one of my blog posts 30 Easy Moon Drawing Ideas.

I really liked how the clouds turned out in this drawing!

moon clouds drawing

4. Cute Raincloud

Here is a cute drawing I created showing the transition of a cloud into a raincloud.

cloud doodle raincloud cute

5. Mountains and Clouds

I love drawing mountains so here is a simple drawing of some mountains surrounded by clouds.

mountain clouds drawing

6. Open Door

Here is a simple drawing made using a black ink pen and colored pencils of a doorway to the sky.

door cloud drawing sky

7. Partly Cloudy

Let’s draw the sun hiding behind a cloud next in our sketchbook!

sun cloud drawing

8. Always in the Clouds

I wanted to make a doodle inspired by the saying “Head in the clouds.”

my head is always in the clouds drawing

9. Street Light and Clouds

Here is a cool drawing idea of a street lamp illuminating the clouds.

street lamp cloud drawing

10. Nature Scene

Here is a drawing of a nature scene with a bunch of big puffy clouds.

cloud field drawing

11. Clouds in a Box

If only we could send clouds to people – That would be cool πŸ™‚

cloud box drawing doodle

12. Planet Cloud

I thought it would be cool to draw a planet in the shape of a cloud, so here it is!

space cloud planet drawing

13. Wandered Lonely as a Cloud

This drawing of clouds popping out of a polaroid is from my other blog post 30 Aesthetic Drawing Ideas.

The saying at the bottom of the polaroid comes from a poem I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud by William Wordsworth.

wandered lonely as a cloud drawing

14. Lightning Cloud

Let’s draw a simple doodle of a lightning cloud next in our sketchbook πŸ™‚

lightning cloud drawing

15. Fast Cloud

Sometimes I like watching how fast or slow the clouds go in the sky.

fast zoom cloud drawing

16. Computer Cloud

I thought it would be cool to draw an old-school computer with clouds coming out of the screen.

computer cloud drawing

17. Reaching for the Stars

Here is a fun drawing idea of someone climbing up a ladder into the sky to reach for the stars.

reaching for the stars ladder clouds drawing

18. Falling Star

Here’s a drawing of a star falling from the sky, passing through a cloud.

shooting star cloud drawing

19. Clouds in a Jar

Next, let’s draw some clouds in a jar.

clouds in a jar drawing

20. Rainbow Cloud

This rainbow drawing idea is from my other blog post 50 Cute Easy Things to Draw.

rainbow cloud drawing

21. Diving Whale

Here is a cool drawing idea of a whale diving into a cloud.

whale cloud drawing

22. Cat Riding on a Cloud

I love drawing cats on my blog so here is an adorable cat riding on a cloud!

cat riding cloud drawing

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Thank you as always for stopping by this blog!

I appreciate all of your support and the comments I sometimes receive on my blog. I’m glad you enjoy doodling!

Feel free to look around for more drawing ideas to try out.

I wish you a wonderful day or night wherever in the world you are – And until next time!

Keep drawing πŸ™‚

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