50 Positive Short Quotes about Life

Here is a collection of 50 positive short quotes and sayings about life.

I hope that whatever you may be going through in life, you may find at least one little sentence that helps align you back to where you need to be. 

I hope you may also understand that some words may apply to certain situations, but not to all of life.

I have collected a wide array of sayings with the hope that you may find something applicable to whatever phase of life you are in right now. 

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50 Positive Short Quotes & Sayings about Life

one day at a time positive short quotes

Remember to take things one day at a time.

There is no need to rush the present for future’s sake.

Today is all you have right now – so just take it all in for everything it is. 

Things will work out short quote

I have lived with these words all throughout life like a core belief of life.

It’s important to have some words you always believe in, whether they are truths or not. The act of believing is a power itself. 

No matter what you have gone through in the past, it has all worked out. Why shouldn’t today or the future be the same? Believe these words to be true, and they will be true. 

Things will always work out.

search for soul in everything short quote

Sometimes the world can seem cold and cruel when we forget that everything has a soul and that we are all connected. 

know your worth short quote

when things change inside you things change around you

This quote comes from a more of a spiritual side of living.

When it is time in your own life to duelve into spiritual growth, you will see that once you align yourself internally (mind, body, and spirit) to a certain way of being, your external world will begin to change in alignment with who you are internally.

If you’d like to learn more about spirituality, I highly recommend reading these books by Dr. Joe Dispenza:

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: Connects Science with Spirituality and gives background needed for his next books. Includes 1 meditation practice. This book is about how to change your mindset, especially if you have a negative thought pattern that permeates through your entire life.

Becoming Supernatural: Examples of how people changed their life through meditating (People who healed their own Stage 4 Cancer, manifested money unexpectedly, found their dream job by happenstance etc) & Includes more meditations

make it happen short quote

Dream. Then make sure to take actions towards your dreams.

things will get better positive short quote

If you are facing some dark days, months, or years – Please just hang in there. Don’t give up.

One of the slowest, hardest, but best decision I made for my future during times like this is to seek help. Professional help is best. And even if you think there is no hope, keep trying. Be persistent and have hope, no matter how bleak or dim. 

Also, I know some people cannot afford professional help, so for this, I recommend duelving into spirituality. Sometimes we forget that life isn’t just about the physical and mental sides of ourselves. We also need to pay attention to the soul, the part of ourselves that is always true to ourselves and not shaped or changed by the influence of the world.

And if the above choices don’t sound right, I also recommend looking into Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It’s a widely used psychological treatment targeted at changing one’s thought habits, patterns, and behaviors to change the body’s habitual emotional response to those stimuli (your feelings).

positive short quotes
Source: @k.tolnoe on Instagram

Be wild for a while short quotes

Stop caring about what others think and just let loose the wild side of you!

Positive short quotes and sayings about life

Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people quotes

Always make room for more kindness in your life.

Give kindness freely because it is the one thing we all need so dearly in life, and we are all capable of giving it without depleting ourselves.

In fact, I believe it is one of the few things that replenishes both parties, the giver and the receiver.

The best is yet to come positive short quotes

You never know how life will change 3 months, 1 year, to 10 years from now.

Believe that the best is yet to come in this ever-unfolding story of yours. 

short positive quotes

you matter positive short quotes

You do matter.

I think we all focus too much on our importance to the world or others, but most importantly, you matter very deeply to yourself.

You need you – so take care of yourself a little more, even when the days are hard. 

inspirational short quotes
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Be good do good inspirational short quotes

be afraid and do it anyway short quote

We are all afraid and hesitant when trying something new or stepping into uncharted waters.

However despite these feelings, you still have to plow through it. Do it. Ignore the fear and just take the first step.

Once you start, it gets easier from there. 

Inspirational Positive short quotes
Source: Layla-Cooke on Twitter

short positive quotes about life

There are many, many perspectives to one situation.

Your mindset is the eyes in which you see the world, so observe it and reflect on whether this mindset is the one for you. Does it hold you back and keep you fixed? Or does it help you expand, learn, and grow?

Positive short quotes

inspirational short quotes

All that is happening right now is to prepare you for where you will be in the future.

There are no failures, only learning. Everything will make perfect sense one day.

Inspirational Positive short quotes
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get lost in what you love short quotes

good things take time short quotes

Everything takes time to grow.

The most important part of growth happens before you can physically see it. Lay a solid foundation and make steady progress – Growth will be inevitable as long as you keep trying.

inspirational short quotes
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stay hopeful motivational short quotes

You are your home inspirational short quotes

Such beautiful words to remind us to take care of our bodies and mind.

We will always have ourselves, no matter what people or things leave our lives… And for that, I am grateful.

short quotes
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you are stronger than you think short quotes

motivational short quotes

we are all works in progress short quotes

No one is perfect and where you are now is not the end.

We are always constantly learning, evolving, and changing in both visible and unseen ways. So give yourself room to grow and make mistakes.

simple short quotes

I find that it is during the times that are most painful for me that brings me to the brink of a major transformative period in my life.

Turn your pain into power.

You may not know how because I certainly didn’t know how – but it will inevitably happen.

motivational short quotes

short quotes

Don’t wait for someone to save you, and most certainly do not expect someone else to save you. Be your own hero.

It is my belief that we are all capable of rescuing ourselves – It is one of the reasons we are alive and on this journey we call life.

short quotes about life

Make the most you can out of your days, weeks, and months. Who knows where you will be one year from now.

Short positive quotes about life

protect your peace short quotes

Your peace and well-being is important to your happiness. Protect it to the best of your ability.

its the little thing short quotes

It is the little things we do each day that bring peace and comfort in our lives.

Let go of the heavy desires of lofty material things and enjoy the little joys of life.

short quotes drawing
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Short Positive quotes

Escape the ordinary short quotes

You are a unique person meant to live your own unique life – So go after it. 

be still short quotes

Sometimes we rush and hurry through life in a flurry of to-do lists and tasks. Remember to take some time to be still. To rest your body and mind. Breathe and let life be a little slower.

everything connects short quotes

motivational short quotes

Short positive quotes about life

short quotes

A bit of crazy is good πŸ˜‰

inspirational short quotes

short inspirational quotes

It’s true. When I see people, I often cannot remember what color hair they have, if they wore glasses or not, or what clothes that wore. Your physical appearance does not matter as much as you believe.

Your soul and energy is more visible than you think. 

I often think people are beautiful without even seeing their faces. In a way, we are all more than just human beings – And that in itself is a beautiful thing, without question.

Short quotes about life

short inspirational quotes

I hope you enjoyed this collection of short quotes and sayings to bring inspiration and motivation to your days. 

I hope you have a wonderful day or night wherever you may be and until next time <3

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