30 Easy Circle Drawing Ideas

I’ve been on a circle drawing craze, so here is a collection of 30 circle drawings I created.

For drawing circles, I personally use a roll of washi tape and trace around it with a pencil first. Afterwards, I use a pen and go over that line.

You can use any household object you have to draw your circles, like the base of a cup, plate, vase, candle, etc.

You can also use a compass to draw your circles. If you have one, this would be the best way because it creates the cleanest circle shape. You can also adjust the size of your circle as you please. Here is a highly-rated one from Amazon.

Materials Used: Sakura Pigma Micron Pens (I use this pen set from Amazon ). I bought the 8 piece set, which includes a brush. Pen sizes for the 8 piece set ranges from a 1 mm graphic pen all the way down to a 0.20 mm (005 size) pen.

A small portion of these drawings were also creating using a pen from Aliexpress.

mountain space circle drawing

For this drawing, as well as any of the following drawings, I recommend first creating a pencil sketch of what you are drawing.

Afterwards, go over your pencil lines with pen. I filled in the mountain with black using my pen as well.

To create the stars, I first drew little circles with a pencil. I then outlined those circles with a pen. When I filled in the background with pen, I made sure not to go into the outlined circles.

easy mountain circle drawing

Here is another mountain drawing using a circle to try out.

I try to put a creative spin to each of these drawings, so with this one, I decided to make the ocean into space.

Adding little dots adds a different texture and dimension to your drawing so I recommend trying it out!

moon in bottle circle drawing idea

Here is a drawing of a flask containing the night sky.

easy sleeping totoro circle drawing idea

For this circle drawing, I drew a sleeping Totoro. This one was a little more harder and required more sketching, but once I got an idea of how I wanted to create this drawing, it became more simple.

I think it’s the most adorable drawing of the bunch! I hope you try this drawing out for yourself!

crystal house drawing

Here is a drawing of a crystal house on a hill.

Crystals may seem intimidating to draw at first, but there are simple ways to draw them.

I hope this drawing inspires you to try drawing crystals as well.

whale circle drawing

Here is a circle drawing of a moon and whale.

I at first wanted to draw a moon rising over the horizon, but the drawing needed something more, so I added a little whale beneath the moon.

I hope you enjoy! Don’t be afraid to add little details of your own and explore your imagination whenever you can!

easy camping drawing outdoors circle

Here is a simple campsite drawing with a mountain in the background. I had a lot of fun creating the mountain and the night sky behind it.

There is something very relaxing and satisfying about creating the night sky in these drawings. I hope you try it for yourself as well!

rain rainbow circle drawing

Here is a circle drawing of a rain cloud. Sometimes we have sad and gloomy days, but I hope that this drawing can remind you that beautiful things await you just behind your rain cloud.

Also, my rainbow became a little sloppy, but that’s okay.

I think pen drawings can be intimidating because of the pressure to make every line perfect. Every one of these drawings has mess-ups (some more obvious than others)… but your drawing can still be beautiful despite these slip ups.

easy circle drawing girl

Here is a circle drawing of a girl with stars in her hair. Trying this drawing idea is great practice for drawing a side profile of a person. I hope you enjoy!

easy otter drawing idea

Did you know that sea otters hold hands so they don’t float away from each other?

Here is a cute drawing of sea otters holding hands inspired by their care for each other!

easy circle drawing idea mountain

I wanted to create a very simple, minimal drawing that anyone can try out. Here is a simple drawing of a mountain with a road.

circle drawing mushroom house

Here is a cute drawing of a toad house on a hill.

whale tail drawing

Here is a circle drawing of a whale tail under the night sky.

to the moon and back drawing

I wanted to create a drawing inspired by the quote “I love you to the moon and back.” Here is what I ended up with.

space in a jar drawing

I caught the night sky and put it in a jar for you.

sailboat circle drawing

An easy drawing of a sailboat for you to try.

phone drawing idea

Sometimes I wonder if the Universe thinks the same about me, as I think about it.

rising moon drawing idea

A very easy mountain drawing with a rising moon.

easy cat drawing circle

An adorable cat drawing. I think this drawing would be a cute sticker to send to someone through text message.

Also check out my blog post 23 Easy Cat Drawing Ideas for more cat doodles!

pegasus drawing

A drawing of a flying Pegasus in the sky.

easy house drawing

An easy little drawing of a house on a “hill”.

easy mountain drawing

Another mountain drawing to try out. If you couldn’t tell already, I’m obsessed with drawing mountains and the night sky.

staircase easy circle drawing quote

“Not knowing what the path brings is what makes the journey worth every step.” – Shihori Obata

I wasn’t sure how to end this quote… whether the journey is fun, beautiful, or meaningful.

In the end though, no matter what experience we gain from each step we take, no matter how it ends, I want to believe that every moment is worth it.

easy bird drawing

An easy bird drawing to try out.

helicopter drawing

Here’s a little helicopter drawing for you.

swing perspective drawing

Where we land is all about perspective.

another door opens drawing

I wanted to create a drawing from the quote “When one door closes, another door opens.”

crash landing on you drawing

This drawing was inspired by the korean drama Crash Landing on You.

It’s not quite how the “crash landing on you” part happened in the drama, but it’s just my interpretation.

simple mountain drawing

Here is another very easy mountain drawing to try out.

shooting star drawing

A very simplified drawing of a meteor shower to try drawing!

Thank you for dropping by this blog post and I hope you found some drawing ideas to try out next!

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I hope you have a wonderful day or night wherever you may be – And take care!

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