11 Reminders for Anxiety

I’ve had anxiety since I was young.

It was around middle school that I developed Social Anxiety. I didn’t know what I had and I didn’t know ways to cope with my anxiety for many years.

I know many people go through anxiety of all kinds for many reasons, but despite the fact that anxiety is not the same, I wanted to create a blog post for those going through anxiety.

Here is a list of 11 reminders if you are going through anxiety during this time in your life.

Anxiety manifests for many reasons, so not all of these reminders may be applicable to you and your situation. However, I hope that you find some of these words helpful in your journey to overcoming your anxiety.

1. Anxiety Is Not Bad

No feeling you feel is bad, even your anxiety.

There have been so many times I degraded my worth due to my social anxiety and it led to a lot of anguish, sadness, and loneliness in my life. I used to tell myself I’d be a far better person if I didn’t have my anxiety, as if I’d be a completely different person.

The truth is though, the sooner I accepted my own anxiety and not be embarrassed about it or focus on it, the sooner I found peace with it.

Now, I am extremely grateful for all of who I am and every feeling I feel, even my anxiety. I am who I am because of all of my life experiences, including my anxiety.

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2. Your Anxiety is Trying to Tell You Something

Our feelings speak a different language than our thoughts, but they too want to communicate something to you.

When you suddenly feel anxious, sad, afraid, or angry – stop and examine why.

Sometimes our anxious feelings come from thoughts that are trying to save you from danger (whether it is real or made-up). Other times, our anxiety is coming from a pain felt by the body or soul, downplayed by our thoughts.

Whatever is the case, please listen to your feelings.

Do not necessarily blindly follow your feelings, but listen and observe them.

Make whatever decision is best for you after deliberation.

Sometimes anxiety occurs because something in your life is not meant for you: Your soul (who you truly are) is rejecting it but your thoughts accept it because it is simply a norm in your life.

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3. Everything Is Going to Be Okay

Repeating something over and over in your head can really change your life.

For as long as I can remember, I have always told myself “Everything’s going to be okay.”

I have repeated this so many times that as soon as I feel anxious, it is the immediate thought that pops into my head.

In fact, I have repeated this so many times that it has become a core belief in my life.

Now, I have no doubt that everything will be okay… And everything does in fact turn out okay, for whatever reason.

So the next time you feel anxious, keep repeating to yourself that everything will be okay.

After thinking this over and over, eventually your heart will also follow. Slowly but surely.

everything is going to be okay anxiety quotes

4. People Understand More Than You Think

Sometimes we focus so much on how different people are that we don’t see how we all care about each other more than we think.

The world is not as cold and scary as we sometimes make it out to be.

Despite having social anxiety, I’ve learned that it’s safe to get anxious even in public. I never feel ashamed for it, despite how sudden it can be.

I hope that throughout life, we can gather more and more lessons like this: That empathy, kindness, and understanding towards ourselves and others is what truly brings the best happiness in life.

And people care about each other more than we can see.

5. Your Life is Your Own

Especially in these days, it can be so easy to fall into the mindset that we’ve lost control of our life, whether it be because of world events, social media, news stories, or the people around you.

We are bombarded with ideas of how we need to live, think, look like, and behave – And being pressured to live a life not your own, and instead someone else’s can cause a lot of anxiety.

Because that anxiety is a sign that you are living against your own happiness.

This world is filled with everything and it is completely normal to want to try everything that the world has to offer.

However, also know that the world is not your life.

The world is a mixture containing the lives of many, many people – but your life is your own.

Just as it is not healthy for your body to eat everything and anything that is placed in front of you, you need to be mindful of what you feed your life with.

Take notice of things that cause unhealthy thoughts or feelings within you.

Surround yourself with people, media, and things that inspire you instead.

6. You Do Not Need to Be Perfect

I feel that as more and more people are on the internet, we see people live in so many different ways up-close and personal.

However, this has also led to a greater, widespread desire to be accepted by everyone: The need to always be right and “good” in front of others.

You do not need to be perfect, and we should not expect each other to be perfect either.

This means giving yourself and others the respect to explore life freely: To let one another explore different ways of thinking and letting us all live our own lives as we choose.

There is no one right way to live life and no one right way of thinking, so explore life whatever way you choose and know that you do not need to be perfect along the way.

A human being is meant to live a life unique to their own life experiences and beliefs.

We all make mistakes. We all stumble and fall. This is all part a part of the journey to get us to where we need to go.

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7. Let it Come, Let it Go

To me, the feeling of anxiety is as if my heart is clenching its fist around something and won’t let it go, whether it be an idea, thought, future, or past event.

During these times, I find it helpful to realize that I am holding onto something too painfully.

Let the anxiety come – It doesn’t help to keep pushing it down because it usually just ends up coming back worse.

Take a step back and sort of observe it within yourself. Feel it and take notice of it. Breathe through it and slowly sort of imagine yourself letting go of it.

For me the anxiety usually doesn’t completely go away, but it does become easier to forget about.

It feels more in the background when I do this, and it makes tasks I feel anxious about more bearable to do.

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8. Trust That You Are Not Alone

Trust that you are not alone.

I believe we all need to trust ourselves to a high degree and continuously build a high level of trust with ourselves. That is how we find peace with ourselves.

However, it is also helpful to also have trust in someone else.

You can trust your friends or family. You can also put your trust in God or whatever higher power you believe in.

I personally put my trust in the unseen, whether that be my soul, God, angels, or the universe.

\Whenever I am afraid to do something on my own, I ask for help and trust in the path that will open up for me.

When I put my trust in God or the universe, life just works out in unbelievable ways I couldn’t have foreseen.

Give it a try – you might experience something truly special.

9. Listen to Music

Music has always played a huge, but quiet role in my own anxiety.

I love listening to music. Life feels more beautiful when there is a specific song I love playing in the background, and just that feeling alone flips my anxiety around a complete 180 degrees.

Listening to music while going out in public has helped me love the experience of going outside for a walk.

Being able to listen to music while driving dispels the anxiety I have before driving somewhere.

Listening to music helps me cry when I need to, but it can also help me feel tremendously happy to be alive too.

If there is something in your life that you love and makes the world instantly more beautiful, let it be close to you during your anxious moments.

10. It Comes With Change

Change is always a difficult process for everyone, and anxiety is a common symptom when going through a major change in one’s life.

Be patient with yourself and give yourself the time and space to grieve.

Depending on the change, it is completely normal to experience the grieving process for weeks, months, even a couple years (depending on how jarring that change is).

However, don’t let the rest of your life be determined by this one change in your life.

The worst thing we can do to ourselves is stay chained to our past forever, not letting ourselves experience anything new.

Change happens to us all for a reason – And it is always for a better future for you.

11. There is Meaning to Your Journey

I believe that everything we go through in life has meaning behind it.

My own anxiety has helped me become a more understanding, empathetic, kind, self-aware, and mindful person.

It pushed me to focus on myself and figure out what I truly want to live this life for.

Every one of us will gather different insights and meaning to our own life.

Take time to slow down and cherish life.

You will get to wherever you desire to go.

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Thank you for stopping by this blog post. I hope you found some bit of inspiration here to help you with your anxiety.

I also wanted to add here that if you are suffering from anxiety that is holding you back from life, I highly recommend seeking professional help.

You can read more about my own journey with Social Anxiety here in this blog post, but getting help was really the best thing I did for my own anxiety.

I wish you all a wonderful day or night, wherever you may be – And take care <3

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