50 Cute Easy Things to Draw

Here is a list of 50 cute easy things to draw, for anybody who needs drawing ideas for their sketchbook or doodle page.

Drawing is a great way to de-stress from your day and do something fun while improving your drawing skills.

I hope these doodles may bring a little bit of light and joy to your day, no matter how small!

So draw away!

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1. Animal Faces

A fun but simple drawing idea is to start off by drawing some circles and then make animal faces out of them.

anime faces cute drawing

2. Stars

I love drawing stars so here is a simple star drawing idea to try out on your doodle page.

cute easy star drawing

3. Bear

Here is a cute little doodle of a bear to draw.

cute easy bear drawing

4. Flower

Here’s a cute drawing of a daisy flower to try out as well!

cute flower daisy drawing

5. Bird

Here is a quick and easy doodle of a bird to draw next.

easy cute bird drawing

6. Letter

Here is a cute little doodle of a love letter to draw onto your doodle page.

love letter mail drawing

7. Puppy

Here is a simple little puppy drawing to quickly doodle.

If you are looking for more dog drawing ideas, check out my blog post 20 Easy Dog Drawing Ideas.

puppy drawing cute easy

8. Balloons

It’s okay to let go!

balloons drawing easy

9. Chibi Boy & Girl

When it comes to drawing people, try your hand at practicing chibi or cartoon people.

Here is a simple yet adorable boy & girl drawing idea to try out!

cartoon chibi boy girl faces

10. Robot

Here’s a very easy drawing of a robot to try out for beginner artists.

easy robot drawing

11. Panda

Let’s try creating a cute panda drawing next in our sketchbook.

cute panda drawing

12. Car

Here is an easy drawing idea of a car driving into the night.

easy car drawing

13. Fish

Let’s draw a cute and simple drawing of a goldfish next!

cute fish drawing goldfish

14. Sun & Moon

Here is a cute drawing idea of our beautiful sun and moon.

sun moon drawing cute

15. Rabbit

Bunnies are always adorable, so here is a simple bunny rabbit drawing to try out for beginner artists.

I also have more rabbit drawing ideas here in this blog post for anyone who is interested!

rabbit bunny drawing easy

16. Glasses

Adding glasses makes any drawing cute in my opinion πŸ™‚

glasses drawing

17. Cloud

Here is a simple yet cute cloud drawing idea to try out.

You can create a rainbow gradient using colored pencils (or any coloring medium you have on-hand).

cloud drawing rainbow

18. Cat

Here is a simple adorable cat drawing idea to try out next, for all cat lovers!

If you’d like some more cat drawing ideas, check out my blog post here dedicated to only cat drawing ideas!

cute easy cat drawing

19. Dinosaur

Here is a cute, funny little T-rex drawing to try drawing in your sketchbook!

cute dinosaur drawing trex

20. Sparkly Eyes

Here is a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to draw sparkly, bubbly round eyes.

You can use these eyes to draw any person, animal, or character you like!

how to draw sparkly bubbly eyes

21. Ice Cream

There’s always room for ice cream!

Here is a cute version of an ice cream drawing to try drawing next.

ice cream drawing cute

22. Fox

Here is an adorable fox drawing idea to draw next in your sketchbook!

fox drawing easy cute

23. Teacup

Here is a cute teacup drawing idea to add to your drawing list!

teacup drawing

24. Butterfly

Butterflies can be a little complicated to draw, so here is a simplified version for beginner artists to try out.

easy butterfly drawing

25. Hamster

Hamsters are the epitome of cuteness so here is a cute yet simple hamster drawing to try out as well.

cute easy hamster drawing

26. Crayon

Here is a cute crayon drawing idea to recreate.

crayon drawing

27. Giraffe

Here is an adorable giraffe pencil drawing with one of his spots drawn in a heart shape.

cute giraffe drawing

28. Ghost

It’s fall season as I am creating this blog post so I decided to add a cute ghost drawing idea to this list.

cute ghost drawing

29. Banana

Here is a cute little banana doodle to try out.

banana drawing easy

30. Toy Poodle

Next, here is a toy poodle drawing idea to draw.

toy poodle drawing

31. Sloth

Here is a rather cute and chubby sloth drawing to try out.

sloth cute easy drawing

32. Mushroom

I think mushrooms are cute so here is a cute drawing idea of one to try out.

cute easy mushroom drawing

33. Owl

Here is a cute and easy owl drawing to try out as well.

owl drawing easy

34. Pig

Here is a simple yet adorable pig drawing idea to try out on your doodle page.

easy pig drawing

35. Mountains

Let’s add a simple mountain drawing to our doodle page next πŸ™‚

mountain drawing easy

36. Frog

Here is a cute drawing idea of a frog as well.

cute easy frog drawing

37. Planets

I love incorporating outer space elements to my drawings so here is a quick drawing idea of planets.

planets drawing easy

38. Heart

Hearts are always fun and uplifting to draw, so here is a simple yet cute heart drawing idea to add to your doodle page.

heart wings drawing

39. Cactus

Cacti may be prickly but there’s just something cute about them as well.

cute cactus drawing

40. Whale

Hope you enjoy this adorable whale drawing idea as well!

whale drawing easy cute

41. Lollipop

Here is an easy drawing idea of a lollipop to draw.

lollipop drawing

42. Alpaca

Let’s draw something fluffy next with this adorable alpaca drawing idea.

alpaca drawing

43. Rocks

Yes, even rocks can be cute x)

cute easy pile of rocks drawing

44. Koala

Here is a cute and simple koala drawing to try out next!

easy koala drawing

45. Elephant

Here is a cute and chubby elephant drawing idea to add as well!

easy elephant drawing

46. Unicorn

Here is a simplified version of a unicorn drawing to draw. Feel free to color it in with whatever colors you like!

easy unicorn drawing

47. Macaroon

Here is a easy step-by-step drawing tutorial of how to draw a cute macaroon.

easy macaroon drawing

48. Tree

Here is an adorable tree drawing to remind us that plants are living things too!

easy tree drawing

49. Chick

I love that chicks are yellow. It just makes them even cuter!

cute easy chick drawing bird

50. Cookie

To celebrate reaching the end of this drawing idea list, here is a cookie! I appreciate you reaching the end! >w<

cute cookie drawing

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Thank you for stopping by this blog post!

I hope you enjoyed this cute collection of drawings to try out in your sketchbook or doodle page.

Feel free to check out my other blog posts for even more drawing and creative ideas.

I wish you a wonderful day or night my fellow readers and artists, and until next time!

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