35 Cute & Easy Animal Drawing Ideas

Here is a list of 35 cute and easy animal drawings to try out next in your sketchbook!

When I first started practicing to get better at drawing, one of my favorite subjects to draw were animals.

That is why I wanted to create this list for other animal and nature lovers out there! 

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cute animal drawing ideas

1. Fox

easy fox animal drawing

2. Cow

cow drawing easy

3. Seal

seal drawing easy

4. Raccoon

easy raccoon drawing

5. Owl

owl drawing easy

6. Sheep

sheep drawing easy

7. Hippo

cute simple hippo drawing

8. Rabbit

rabbit drawing

9. Bee

bee drawing

10. Lion

easy simple lion drawing

11. Rat

rat drawing art

12. Narwhal

narwhal drawing art simple animal drawing

13. Bear

bear simple drawing

14. Cat

sitting cat drawing

15. Giraffe

giraffe drawing art

16. Tortoise

tortoise drawing

17. Dog

dog drawing easy french bulldog

18. Horse

horse drawing easy

19. Luna Moth

luna moth drawing art

20. Squirrel

squirrel drawing

21. Penguin

penguin drawing

22. Elephant

elephant drawing

23. Hamster

hamster drawing

24. Rhinoceros

rhino drawing easy

25. Koala

koala drawing

26. Ladybug

ladybug drawing art

27. Deer

deer drawing

28. Goose

goose drawing easy

29. Killer Whale

killer whale drawing

30. Panda

panda easy drawing

31. Pig

easy pig drawing cute

32. Monkey

easy monkey drawing

33. Camel

camel drawing art

34. Hedgehog

hedgehog drawing art

35. Hummingbird

hummingbird drawing art easy

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Thank you for stopping by this blog post! I hope you enjoyed this collection of simple, easy animal drawing ideas to try out in your sketchbook!

Have a wonderful day and take care!

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