35 Cool Easy Whimsical Drawing Ideas

Here is a list of 35 simple, easy, whimsical drawings to try out in your sketchbook next.

Whether you are bored or trying to work on your drawing skills – I hope you find some little, inspiring doodles to make your day a bit brighter. Enjoy!

** This is an updated version of my previous blog post. I wanted to include more original content here in this blog. I hope you may understand these changes to the blog post.

cool easy whimsical drawing ideas things to draw

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1. Shooting Star

shooting star drawing

2. Polaroid

polaroid mountain moon drawing

3. Doorway

mountain shooting star drawing

4. Whale

whale tail drawing cloud

5. Hole

hand hole drawing moon stars

6. Bandaid

flowers and bandaid drawing

7. Moon and Sun

sun moon drawing

8. Face

face flower drawing

9. Balloon

heart balloon drawing

10. Cherries

cherry planet drawing easy

11. Ocean

circle drawing easy mountain

12. Plant Pot

plant pot drawing easy

13. Book

book drawing easy

14. Bouquet

star bouquet drawing

15. Hand

hand give love drawing heart

16. Butterfly

butterfly drawing

17. Snow Globe

mountain drawing easy snowglobe

18. Cassette

casette drawing

19. Window

window drawing easy

20. Jar

jar mountain drawing

21. Coffee

latte coffee drawing easy

22. Tent

tent drawing easy

23. House

house drawing easy

24. Mobile

mobile drawing planets

25. Treasure Chest

treasure chest drawing easy simple

26. Potion

potion drawing easy things to draw

27. Forest

forest drawing night

28. Dragon

easy dragon drawing

29. Teapot

teapot drawing easy

30. Field

field drawing

31. Rocket Ship

rocketship drawing easy

32. Skyline

city skyline drawing

33. Puddle

puddle drawing easy

34. Sunrise

sunrise drawing easy

35. Castle

castle drawing easy

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I hope you doodlers enjoyed this list of drawing ideas to try out next. Feel free to comment down below or share this with your friends. 

And until next time my lovely readers –
I hope you have a wonderful day wherever you may be xx

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