60 Easy Things to Draw for Beginner Artists

Here is a list of 60 easy things to draw for beginner artists: Whether you want to practice your drawing skills or are looking to fill an empty page or sketchbook.

I hope these drawings help to bring some creative inspiration to your days! 

Also, feel free to adapt the drawing to your own preferences or drawing level. Some of these drawings are more simple so that they can be drawn in less than 5 minutes. Others may take 20 minutes.

I tried to include a variety so that no matter how much time you have to draw, you can find something fun and beautiful to draw in that amount of time.

easy things to draw

Sharing the drawings on this blog post is welcome as long as I am credited or you link back to this blog post. For other interests, please contact me. Thank you for your support!

1. Moon

star orbiting moon drawing easy

2. Camera

easy cute camera drawing

3. Mountain

easy mountain drawing idea

4. Bear

easy bear drawing idea

5. Mug

mug drawing idea

6. Message in a Bottle

easy drawing idea things to draw

7. Letter

easy letter drawing

8. Shooting Star

shooting star easy drawing idea

9. Phone

easy phone drawing idea

10. Doorway

easy cool drawing idea

11. Watering Can

watering can drawing easy

12. Jar

easy drawing idea

13. House

house drawing easy

14. Crystal Ball

easy drawing idea

15. Heart

heart mountain drawing

16. Bread

easy things to draw bread

17. Polaroid

polaroid drawing idea

18. Book

journal easy drawing

19. Camping Site

camping drawing idea

20. Key

heart key simple drawing idea

21. Leaf

easy fern leaf drawing

22. Origami Boat

easy things to draw

23. Whale

whale drawing idea

24. Hot Air Balloon

hot air balloon drawing

25. Cat

if it fits i sits drawing cat easy

26. Paint Brushes

paint brush drawing

27. Mirror

mirror aesthetic drawing

28. Balloon

balloon drawing idea

29. Footstep

footstep drawing easy

30. Sunset

thing to draw sunset

31. Dinosaur

dinosaur drawing easy

32. Lighthouse

easy lighthouse drawing

33. Betta Fish

betta fish drawing

34. Sun

sun drawing you are my sunshine

35. Island

island drawing easy

36. Flower

easy flower drawing

37. Airplane

easy plane drawing

38. Bag

easy things to draw bag

39. Paint

paint drawing easy things to draw

40. Headphones

headphones drawing easy

41. Window

window drawing cat

42. Lightbulb

lightbulb drawing easy cool

43. Dog

shiba dog drawing

44. Bumblebee

easy bumblebee drawing bee

45. Four Leaf Clover

four leaf clover easy drawing idea

46. Sailboat

sailboat drawing riding milkyway

47. Hammock

hammock drawing simple things to draw

48. Teapot

easy simple teapot drawing

49. Peach

easy simple peach drawing

50. Umbrella

umbrella drawing things to draw

51. Rainbow

rainbow drawing simple

52. Constellation

easy things to draw

53. Hourglass

easy things to draw

54. Bed

sleeping bed drawing easy

55. Candle

candle drawing easy thing to draw

56. Bow and Arrow

bow and arrow drawing

57. Mushroom

mushroom drawing easy

58. Cactus

simple cute cactus drawing

59. Dandelion

easy simple dandelion drawing

60. Sign

easy drawing ideas have a lovely day

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Thank you for stopping by this blog post. I hope you enjoyed these small, simple things to draw – And that you may have fun trying them out for yourself!

I hope you have a wonderful day or night, wherever you may be – And until next time!

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