25 Cute and Easy Doodles to Draw

Here is a list of 25 cute and easy doodles to draw in your notebook, sketchbook, bullet journal – the next time you’re faced with a blank sheet of paper. 

Drawing is a great way to let your inner creativity out.

Even just creating a simple doodle can go a long ways in honing your drawing skills and quieting the mind to simply focus on the task at hand.

All you need is paper and pencil – I hope you enjoy your little creations!

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25 cute and easy doodles to draw

1. Mountains

mountain drawing easy doodle

2. Moon and Stars

easy doodle moon drawing

3. Cake

cute easy doodle cake

4. Sunset

sunset drawing easy doodle

5. House

easy house doodle drawing

6. Fish

koi doodle drawing easy

7. Note to Self

easy note doodle heart

8. Door

door doodle easy

9. Flower

flower easy doodle drawing

10. Outer Space

easy space doodle drawing

11. Book

easy doodle drawing book flowers

12. Weather

sun doodle drawing easy

13. Lion

lion doodle drawing simple cute

14. Heart

heart hand gesture drawing doodle

15. Camera

easy camera drawing doodle

16. Tree

easy tree doodle

17. Drink

easy drawing idea doodle

18. Island

island doodle drawing easy

19. Lightning

lightning bolt doodle

20. Dinosaur

stegosaurus dinosaur drawing doodle

21. Paintbrush

paintbrush doodle drawing simple

22. Paper Airplane

paper airplane drawing

23. Bubbles

bubbles drawing doodle

24. Duckling

duckling drawing easy

25. Candle

easy simple candle doodle drawing

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Thank you for visiting this blog post! I hope you found a simple doodle to try out next.

I hope you have a wonderful day and until next time! <3

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