20 Easy Dog Drawing Ideas

For all dog lovers out there, here is a collection of cute and easy dog drawing ideas to try out next in your sketchbook!

I hope you have as much fun drawing these dog characters as I did!

Tips for Drawing: When practicing how to draw, first start off with a pencil sketch. Then, go over your lines with a pen and wait for the ink to dry. Then simply erase your pencil sketch and you have your final beautiful drawing to enjoy!

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dog drawing ideas easy

Materials Used

1. Dog Face

Let’s start off with a very easy, simple drawing of a dog’s face.

Start off by drawing an oval, then the ears, and eyes, nose and mouth.

And that’s it! You are all done with your adorable dog drawing!

easy dog drawing face

2. Dachshund

Here is a cute little dachshund dog drawing to try out next.

easy dog drawing dachshund

3. Dog with Glasses

Here is a cute dog character with glasses to draw.

dog with glasses drawing

4. Toy Poodle

Let’s draw a little fluffy toy poodle next!

I used watercolor paint (very watered down black) to color him or her in.

toy poodle drawing art

5. Chibi Dog Drawing

Create a cute chibi drawing of a dog like the one below.

The key to drawing a chibi drawing is that the head is usually a 1:1 ratio with its body.

Chibi dog drawing

6. Dog Paw Print

Here is a simple drawing of a dog paw print to try out as well.

I used a white Gelly Roll pen (You can get them here on Amazon or your local art store) to draw the white lettering inside the paw.

dog paw print art drawing

7. Shiba Inu

Draw a Shiba Inu dog face like the one below!

shiba inu dog drawing easy

8. Sunset and Dog

Here is a little drawing of a dog watching a sunset.

sunset dog drawing

9. Sitting Dog

Just a simple drawing of a dog sitting.

easy dog drawing cute

10. Corgi

Here’s a very simple corgi drawing to try out next in your sketchbook or doodle paper.

corgi dog drawing

11. Dog and Flower

Try out this simple drawing idea of a dog carrying a flower.

dog and flower drawing

12. Head Tilt

Here is a cute drawing of a confused dog to try drawing.

easy cute dog drawing

13. Jumping Dog

Just a funny little drawing of a jumping dog.

Jumping easy dog drawing

14. Pomeranian

I love fluffy dogs. Here is an adorable easy drawing of a Pomeranian dog to try out.

easy dog drawing pomeranian

15. Labrador Retriever

This one is a more realistic drawing, but it is still quite simplified for beginner artists to even try.

Here is a sitting Labrador Retriever drawing to try out next.

easy dog drawing labrador

16. Sleeping Dog

Here’s a very simple drawing of a sleeping dog to draw as well.

sleeping dog art drawing

17. Dog with a Spot

Here is a just a simple dog character with a spot because I find dogs with eye spots so adorable.

dog drawing easy

18. French Bulldog

Here is a cute drawing of a French Bulldog to try drawing.

french bulldog drawing easy

19. Terrier Dog

Here is a cute little terrier with a bow tie drawing to try out in your sketchbook next.

how to draw dog easy

20. Running Dog

Here is a simple drawing of a running Jack Russell terrier.

running dog drawing

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Thank you so much for stopping by this blog post!

I hope you found some cute, easy dog drawings to try out on your doodle page.

I wish you a wonderful day or night my lovely readers and fellow artists, and until next time!

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