30 Easy Acrylic Painting Ideas

Acrylic paints are an excellent medium to work with for beginner artists: They are inexpensive, dry fast, and easy to work with.

Below is a collection of 30 easy acrylic painting ideas to try out, perfect for beginner artists.

Whether you want to draw flowers, landscapes, clouds, or animals, I hope you find an idea that inspires you to create art!

Materials used include Grumbacher Watercolor Paper, various acrylic paints and brands, Pigma Micron pens (to create black lines), and a white Gelly Roll Pen (for creating white lines or dots).

30 Easy Acrylic Painting Ideas

acrylic easy mountain painting

Use your favorite colors to create a colorful mountain painting.

small easy acrylic painting idea clouds

Here’s a little polaroid painting of a cloud and powerlines.

You can learn how to paint clouds in this blog post.

The powerlines were drawn using a Pigma Micron pen.

cat moon easy painting idea

Paint an adorable painting of a cat staring up at the moon.

flower easy acrylic painting

A little painting of some hydrangeas in a vase.

night sky painting acrylic

Paint yourself a star-filled night sky. I only used two paint colors in this painting: Titanium White and Prussian Blue.

easy acrylic painting idea clouds

Here’s a small, simple acrylic painting of some clouds and trees.

daisy painting easy acrylic

Here is a perfect, easy flower painting to try out for beginner artists.

sunnyside egg acrylic painting easy

Paint yourself a cute little sunny-side egg for fun!

window flower painting easy

An easy painting idea of some flowers growing by a window.

pink clouds acrylic painting easy

Try painting some pink clouds next!

daisy flowers easy acrylic painting

Here is a little daisy painting to try out as well.

doors easy acrylic painting

I wanted to try out some bold colors in this one.

Paint yourself the doors to your dream home or just something unique you want to pass through in the future!

boat easy acrylic painting flowers

An adorable painting of a couple out on a boat.

easy simple cloud painting

Here is a very simple cloud painting on canvas. Just a pastel pink background and a white fluffy cloud.

flower easy acrylic painting

I love painting using dark backgrounds.

Create this little polaroid painting of some white flowers in a field of green.

mountains easy acrylic painting idea

Another colorful mountain painting to try out against a dark, night sky.

how to paint clouds easy

Paint yourself a little painting of an ocean view.

balloon easy acrylic painting

A very simple painting to try for anyone! Let go!

pink moon painting easy

Create an outer space painting by painting a planet or moon.

Here’s a pink and purple moon because I wanted to make things colorful!

easy cloud acrylic painting

Paint a reflection of clouds against the sea.

heart stripes acrylic painting easy

Use your favorite colors to paint a stripey background and paint a heart.

girl universe acrylic painting easy

Here is a little whimsical painting of a girl with the cosmos in her hair.

rabbit painting easy

Create a painting of a cute little white bunny!

lightning storm acrylic painting

Here is a painting of a lightning storm to try out.

You can create the lightning using a white pen (I used a Gelly Roll Pen), as it gives you more control than a paintbrush.

easy shapes painting

Paint some random shapes against a background.

abstract painting pink

Go abstract! Paint whatever your heart desires.

clouds mountain painting easy landscape

Paint a transition of colors in the sky: From night to dusk.

tulip flower painting easy

Here is a simple painting of a tulip to try out as well.

simple ocean painting easy

Another painting of the ocean to try out.

easy sunflower painting field landscape

Here is a little polaroid painting of a sunflower field to try out.

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Sometimes creating art can be a daunting task: We need to continue creating art in order to get better at art, yet perfectionism and comparison can sometimes hinder that process.

I hope that this list of paintings can inspire you to create art just for the sake of creating art – To stop the overthinking and just enjoy the act of playing with colors.

Thank you for stopping by this blog post! I hope you found a cool painting idea to try out next in your sketchbook. Until next time, take care my fellow art lovers!

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  • Wow your “let go” painting touched my heart so much it made me bawl in my room over my grandad who passed on last year
    Thank you for posting these amazing paintings!

    • Awww I’m sorry to hear that he passed. Sending you much love and thank you for your sweet comment <3

  • I’m just starting acrylic painting as a hobby I love your simple yet super cute paintings, I tried recreating a couple I think they turned out great! Thank you for sharing <3