23 Fun & Easy Halloween Drawing Ideas

Here are a few fun Halloween drawing ideas for anyone looking for something spooky to draw!

Whether you are a beginner artist wanting drawing practice or an experienced artist looking for new ideas, I hope you find something that peaks your creative interest.

And above all, have fun drawing!

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Materials Used:

Pencil: Casemate Mechanical Pencil (0.7mm lead)

Pens: Pigma Micron Pens (03 and 005) – Can be found on Amazon here

Paper: Canson Mixed Media Sketchbook – Can be found on Amazon here

Digital drawings are created using Photoshop.

1. Pumpkin

What is fall without pumpkins? Here is a spooky Jack-O-Lantern drawing idea to start off our list of Halloween drawing ideas.

pumpkin drawing halloween

2. Candy

One of the best parts about Halloween is all the sweets and candy to be eaten.

Here is a little collection of candies to try drawing next in your sketchbook or doodle page.

easy candy drawing

3. Ghost

Just a simple ghost drawing idea to add to your Halloween doodles.

easy ghost drawing

4. Bat

I don’t believe I’ve ever drawn a bat before so it was nice drawing one for this blog post. Hope you enjoy this cute fella πŸ™‚

easy cute bat drawing

5. Skull

Let’s try drawing skulls next! Below is a simplified version wearing a witch hat.

halloween drawing idea skull

If you are interested in more easy skull drawing ideas, check out my other blog post for more!

6. Haunted House

Do you love or hate haunted houses? Here is a simple haunted house drawing to add to your doodle collection as well.

haunted house drawing halloween

7. Cat

Below are some cute cats wearing witch hats to try drawing.

cat drawing easy halloween

And because I love drawing cats, here is one more Halloween cat drawing idea to try out.

witch cat drawing halloween

For more cat drawing ideas, check out my other blog post here!

8. Zombie

Let’s draw a zombie hand reaching out from a grave.

zombie tombstone drawing

9. Witch

Next, here is a pencil drawing of a witch riding her broomstick to try drawing.

witch drawing halloween

10. Dog

I love seeing pets wearing costumes! Here is a simple drawing of a dog wearing a lion costume.

dog drawing lion

And check out this other blog post for more dog drawing ideas.

11. Candy Corn

Here is a funny little candy corn (costume?) drawing.

candycorn drawing

12. Potion

Let’s draw a potion next. You can fill your potion drawing with whatever you like.

potion drawing

13. Frankenstein

Here is a cute, little Frankenstein drawing to try out as well!

frankenstein halloween drawing

14. Moon

Here’s a easy drawing idea of a ghost hiding behind the moon.

moon drawing halloween

15. Skeleton

Skeletons can be a little complicated to draw, so here is a more simplified one you can create.

skeleton drawing

16. Spiderweb

Here is a lovely twist to a simple drawing of a spiderweb to try next.

spiderweb halloween drawing

17. Witch Hat

You can make any drawing a Halloween-themed one just by adding a witch hat to it!

witch hat drawing halloween

18. Owl

Here’s an adorable drawing of an owl to try out in your sketchbook!

easy owl drawing

19. Tree

Here is a spooky tree drawing idea to try out as well!

halloween tree drawing

20. Mummy

Below is a simple mummy drawing to try out. I wonder who they’re chasing…

mummy drawing halloween

21. Wolf

Here is a simple drawing idea of a wolf howling up at the moon.

wolf drawing easy moon

22. Shadow

Playing with shadows can be fun too.

shadow drawing

23. Costume

Draw your favorite Halloween costume to wear or see on others.

halloween costume dinosaur drawing

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Thank you so much for stopping by this blog post!

I hope you found a fun Halloween drawing idea you’d like to try drawing yourself.

Drawing is a great way to relax and de-stress, so just have fun with the process!

I wish you all a beautiful day or night wherever you are in the world and until next time, take care!

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