40 Small Simple Meaningful Tattoo Ideas

I occasionally get requests from others if they could use one of my drawings for a tattoo.

That is why I wanted to create a blog post dedicated to simple, meaningful tattoo ideas for anyone searching for the right tattoo design for them.

I have included with each tattoo a meaning that I often associate with it.

You are free to reinterpret the tattoos to have your own special meanings however.

Some tattoo ideas only have one design and others have two or more to choose from. I hope you enjoy them!

The tattoos included below in this blog post can only be used for personal use tattoos. Commercial use of any kind is not allowed.

Disclaimer: I am not a tattoo expert. I am just a drawing enthusiast. Please discuss with your tattoo artist in order to get your desired tattoo outcome.

1. Sunrise

Here’s a simple tattoo of a sunrise (or sunset). To me, sunrises are a reminder of a new start. A new day.

No matter what happens to me today, the sun will set and rise and a new day will come.

sunset sunrise tattoo

2. Lightbulb

Lightbulbs signify ideas to me. Ideas are the beginning of everything new in one’s life.

Lightbulbs can also symbolize one’s intuition. An inner light within you that lights up paths and decisions for you to take.

lightbulb tattoo

3. Singing Bird

Birds flying and singing represent freedom.

The freedom to fly where you want to go and to express your heart without worrying about whether it is good enough or not.

singing bird drawing tattoo

4. Shooting Star

When we see a shooting star, we make a wish.

Getting a tattoo of a shooting star (to me) is a reminder that we are free to wish whenever we like, and to also bring you good luck so that your wishes come true at the right time for you.

I also included two versions of a shooting star tattoo below to give you options.

shooting star tattoo

5. Open Door

I remember I’d sometimes get dreams of being in a maze with hundreds of doors and me getting lost trying to find which door to open.

I hope that getting this tattoo reminds you that no matter what door you choose to open, you will be okay.

What is meant for you will meet you halfway to find you and that the unknown things on the other side will come together to show you that it was all meant to be 🙂

open door tattoo

6. Lightning

Lightning symbolizes power, illumination, and the unpredictable. Sometimes it can be scary, sometimes exciting.

lightning tattoo

7. Self Talk

I hope that this tattoo reminds you to talk to yourself with love whenever you see it 🙂

I find that just random affirmations said aloud to yourself from time to time brings huge changes to one’s life. I hope you try it out for yourself as well!

self talk tattoo

8. Bandaid and Flowers

This is a tattoo for anyone who has been hurt before. I hope that the hurt heals with time and that good and beautiful things will enter your life in place of the hurt.

flower bandaid tattoo drawing

9. Mountains

Mountains can symbolize overcoming obstacles and continuing to climb to reach new heights and perspectives.

mountains drawing tattoo

10. Word or Quote

If you have a favorite word or quote, why not use that as a tattoo?

I also think it’s a great idea to have a loved one write a word synonymous with them and get that tattooed in their own handwriting.

Also, check out my blog post 50 Positive Short Quotes for quote ideas!

quotes tattoo ideas

11. Footprint

Here are two versions of a footprint you can choose from to use as a tattoo.

Footprint tattoos can symbolize the “print” you want to leave behind in this world.

It can also serve as a reminder to take things one step at a time. To not rush forward, but to instead savor each step you take in life.

footprint simple tattoo

12. Wings

Wings represent freedom. It can also symbolize angels.

I included a single wing and double wings tattoo designs, depending on which one works for you.

wings tattoo

13. Four Leaf Clover

Here is a tattoo for anyone who wants a bit more good luck in their life 🙂

four leaf clover tattoo

14. Jar

This is a tattoo for anyone who has been closing up their true self or feelings inside themselves. I hope that this drawing inspires you to open up and let things out from time to time 🙂

jar star tattoo

15. Sun and Moon

I wanted to create a tattoo of the sun and moon as one.

There are many dualities in life – We may think of them as separate, but the beauty of each one can only be fully felt because the other one exists.

sun moon tattoo

16. Poke

This is just a fun little tattoo I made to play with the idea of reaching out to someone’s heart (or it can be your own too)

poke tattoo

17. Butterfly

Here is a tattoo idea of butterflies with hearts as wings.

Butterflies symbolize transformation and change. You can use this tattoo to symbolize your own heart and the transformations you have gone through in life.

I also think that couples can use this tattoo to symbolize two hearts that grow through change together.

butterfly tattoo

18. Home

Home represents a place where we can feel safe, cozy and comfy.

I hope that for anyone who gets this tattoo, that they may feel at home in their body and with themselves.

At the end of the day, no matter where in the world we are or who we are with, we will always be with ourselves and we are our own home.

Let us make peace with ourselves so that we can feel that way with time.

home tattoo

19. Fish

Sometimes I get into an anxious state because I’m stressing over every little thing and I have to remind myself to take a step back and see things from a bigger perspective.

Imagine we are all just fish swimming in a sea of stars in the vast universe.

Whether we go with the flow or decide to swim upstream, it doesn’t really matter because we can swim however way we want. The universe is our home and the stars are our guides to help us along the way.

fish tattoo

20. Seedlings

I hope that this tattoo reminds you that no matter who you are to become in the future, we all start off as little seedlings growing at our own pace.

seedling tattoo

21. Kite

To me, kites act as a reminder to go along with the wind.

I personally find the wind and breezes comforting, like mother nature is reaching out to us.

kite tattoo

22. Scribble

Life sometimes gets messy and confusing. I hope that this tattoo reminds you that you’ll get through these difficult times.

scribble tattoo

23. Bleeding Heart

I created this tattoo based on the Bleeding Heart flower.

There are times we get hurt or the heart just feels like crying. We become the person we are because we have been through these periods in life.

We are as beautiful as flowers because of our heart.

bleeding heart tattoo

24. Crown

The crown tattoo is a reminder that you are a “king” or “queen”. A “prince” or “princess”. You are beautiful, strong, precious, regal… anything you want to be – believe it!

crown drawing tattoo

25. Sailboat

A tattoo of a sailboat can mean going with the flow, travel, adventure, and exploring.

sailboat tattoo

26. Stars

Stars can symbolize many things: Wishes, guidance, support, light, hope, and faith.

To me, stars remind me of everyone who’s looking down from above at each of us, supporting and guiding us.

I included down below several different versions of stars so that you can choose one that fits your tastes.

star tattoo

27. Lion

Lions often symbolize courage and strength. I hope that this tattoo idea reminds you of your own strength and that you can overcome more than you can imagine.

lion tattoo

28. Arrow and Heart

Show that your heart has already been taken with this tattoo idea of a heart shot with an arrow.

heart arrow tattoo

29. Flowers

Flowers symbolize growth, transformation, abundance, beauty, and so many other things. Below are two simple flower tattoo ideas to try out.

flowers tattoo

30. Acorn

Huge oak trees start out first as tiny little acorns. Oak trees represent wisdom, strength, and endurance, but they all have their roots as cute little acorns at the beginning.

acorn tattoo

31. Clouds

I love clouds so here is a simple tattoo idea of a cloud.

Clouds are just soft-looking, puffy, beautiful and wander around in the sky. Looking up at the sky always eases my heart.

clouds tattoo

32. Dog

Here is a dog tattoo idea for all the dog lovers out there!

dog tattoo

33. Cat

And for all the cat lovers out there, here is a simple and cute cat tattoo design.

cat simple tattoo

34. Music

Music means a lot to many people so here is a simple musical note tattoo idea for all the music lovers out there.

music notes tattoo

35. Planet

For all my celestial lovers out there, here is a cute tattoo design of a planet and stars.

planet tattoo

36. Magic Wand

Believe in magic because magical moments do happen in one’s life 🙂

magic wand tattoo

37. Waves

Here are some wave tattoo ideas for all you ocean lovers out there. Waves can also symbolize the ebb and flow of life.

waves tattoo simple

38. Let Go

Here is a tattoo idea for anyone who needs a reminder to let go. To not hold onto things too tightly, to have some faith, let go and have fun.

balloon let go tattoo

39. Earth

Here is a tattoo of the wonderful planet we all live on and call our home: Earth 🙂

earth tattoo

40. Sunglasses

And finally, here is a tattoo to remind you that you are a cool, awesome person.

I hope this fun little tattoo helps to remind you to be a little more confident in yourself because you are amazing just the way you are.

sunglasses tattoo

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I hope you enjoyed this little collection of tattoo ideas and was able to find some bit of inspiration for your own tattoo.

Please share in the comment section if you liked a certain tattoo idea or tag me on Instagram if you got it (@shihoriobata). I’m not too active on Instagram but I’d love to see on occasion!

I appreciate you for stopping by this blog post and I hope you have a wonderful day or night, wherever you may be 🙂

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  • Wow, they’re all so cute; what an interesting list haha. Kites and shooting stars are two of my favorite. I’m seriously considering getting a tattoo.

  • It’s so good to know that lightbulbs hold deep symbolism for me as they represent the spark of ideas and innovation. They serve as the catalyst for new beginnings and possibilities in life. This profound connection to the symbolism of lightbulbs has ignited a desire within me to seek out the best tattoo shop and have this powerful imagery permanently inked on my skin. By doing so, I hope to honor the significance of ideas, new beginnings, and the guiding light of intuition in my life.

  • I’m not getting a tattoo but I love to doodle on my and my friend’s hands with fineliners and this is perfect. I drew them in my notebook for future reference.