23 Easy Frog Drawing Ideas

Here is a collection of easy frog drawing ideas to try next in your sketchbook or doodling page.

I don’t usually draw frogs but as I created this blog post I realized they are so much fun to draw!

Plus, they’re super cute!

I hope you get as much enjoyment as I did when you draw these little critters!

Drawing Tips: I recommend creating a pencil sketch and then going over your sketch with an ink pen. Afterwards you can erase your pencil sketch once the ink dries and you have yourself a beautiful little drawing πŸ™‚

I tried to include various different types and styles of frog drawings so that you can find the right one you are searching for.

And don’t worry too much about comparison or drawing perfectionism.

Your drawing is perfect just the way it is – And drawing skill and style is something that develops the more you draw!

Just let the day’s stress melt away and enjoy the drawing process!

Also, if you are interested in what art supplies I use, check out my blog post Art Supplies I Use.

And thank you to all my blog visitors who have created drawings from my blog posts. I appreciate you for all your support and it truly means so much to me <3

Now let’s get to the frog drawings! I hope you enjoy~

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1. Frog Face

Let’s start off this list with a simple drawing a frog’s face.

frog face drawing easy

2. Hungry Frog

Here’s a drawing of a little frog on the hunt.

frog eating drawing

3. Dancing Frog

I didn’t know where I was going with this drawing, but it ended up being like a dancing frog, so we’ll just go with that πŸ˜‰

dancing frog easy drawing

4. Sitting Frog

Here is a more realistic style frog drawing to try out as well. He’s just sitting and chilling.

simple frog drawing easy

5. Frog with a Flower

I love to incorporate flowers into my drawings, so here’s a simple frog drawing with a flower.

frog with flower drawing

6. Frog on Lily Pad

Here’s a cute little frog sitting on a lily pad to try drawing.

frog lily pad drawing

7. Frog Heart

I tried creating a frog drawing with minimal lines to draw and it ended up looking like a heart <3

easy frog drawing

8. Frog Doodle

Here’s a very simple frog drawing to try if you just want to squeeze in a quick little doodle.

frog doodle

9. Swimming Frog

Here is an adorable drawing of a frog’s head popping out of the water.

swimming frog drawing

10. Frog Costume

Here’s a drawing of a dog disguised as a frog.

frog costume drawing

11. Fishing Frog

I like to incorporate the moon and stars into my drawings so here’s one with our cute little frog friend.

fishing frog drawing moon

12. Leaping Frog

Here’s a doodle of a jumping frog to try drawing on your doodle page.

leaping frog drawing

13. Frog Hero

Here’s a frog with a cape because I thought he would look cute with one.

hero frog cape drawing

14. Sleepy Frog

Here’s a little frog with sleepy eyes to try drawing.

easy frog drawing

15. Frog Under Leaf

Here’s a drawing of a frog sitting under a big leaf.

frog under leaf drawing

16. Kawaii Frog

I try to include a kawaii version of each animal drawing I draw, so here’s our kawaii frog.

kawaii frog drawing

17. Frog Wearing Clothes

I was watching some outfit videos on Youtube and decided to create a drawing of a frog wearing cute clothes.

frog drawing clothes

18. Frog Wearing Sunglasses

Here’s a drawing of a frog sporting some cool shades to try next in your sketchbook.

frog sunglasses drawing

19. Tadpole

I wanted to include at least one tadpole drawing in this blog post because all adult frogs start off as cute little tadpoles after all.

easy tadpole drawing

20. Line Drawing

I wanted to keep it simple with the lines in this frog drawing, so here it is!

easy frog drawing doodle

21. Frog Prince

Here’s a little doodle of a frog wearing a crown!

frog prince drawing

If you are interested in more fairy tale themed drawings, check out this blog post to draw fairies, elves, unicorns, and more!

22. Frog Doodle

Here is another adorable drawing of a frog with some rosy cheeks!

cute frog face drawing

23. Cute Toad

Let’s end this blog post with a drawing of a cute toad xD

cute simple frog doodle

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I hope you enjoyed this list of frog drawing ideas and that you were able to find a couple ones that inspired you to draw.

Let me know in the comment section down below which frog drawing you liked best!

(It may take a while for the comment to show up because I have to manually approve each comment)

Thank you to all my wonderful readers and drawing enthusiasts and I hope you have a wonderful day or night wherever you are in the world!

Keep drawing!

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