22 Easy Fairy Tale Drawing Ideas: Fairies, Elves, Unicorns & More

Let’s have a fun, magical time with these easy fairy tale drawing ideas next!

I have included fairies, elves, unicorns, and mush more so I hope you find the right drawing for you!

This blog post idea came from one of my commenters, so thank you Ellie for the wonderful idea!

Drawing is a great way to wind down from your day and relax your mind.

I hope that creating these drawings can help you de-stress and return to a calmer state of being.

Drawing Tips: I recommend starting off your drawing with a pencil sketch. Once you are satisfied with your pencil sketch, you can go over your lines with an ink pen. Once the ink dries, erase the pencil sketch underneath to reveal your final drawing.

Feel free however to draw as you please!

Now, let’s get onto our drawings. Enjoy!

fairy tale drawing ideas

1. Castle

For our first drawing, let’s draw a castle!

castle drawing easy

2. Fairy Girl

Next, let’s draw a fairy girl.

Sometimes drawing people can be difficult so I tried to make it as simple as possible so even beginner artists can give it a try.

fairy girl drawing easy

3. Fairy Boy

Here is a boy version of our fairy drawing. I love how adorable both of them turned out to be!

fairy boy drawing

4. Unicorn

Let’s draw a simple unicorn drawing next 🙂

unicorn drawing easy

5. Rainbow

Every fairy tale needs a happy ending – And I figured rainbows were pretty symbolic of that.

easy rainbow drawing

6. Mushroom House

This drawing idea is from one of my previous blog posts and I thought it fit perfectly for our fairy tale drawing theme!

mushroom house drawing

If you are interested in more mushroom drawings, check out my blog post 20 Easy Mushroom Drawing Ideas

7. Stars and Sparkles

I love putting stars and sparkles around everything I draw because it makes it feel more magical.

So here are some stars you can add to the drawings you create.

star drawing easy

8. Magic Wand

For our next drawing, let’s draw a simple magic wand.

magic wand drawing

9. Elf Faces

Next, let’s draw some elves!

We’ll first start off drawing their faces to keep it easy.

elf drawing boy and girl

10. Treasure Chest

Here is a simple treasure chest drawing idea to try out as well.

treasure chest drawing

11. Frog Prince

Here is a drawing of the frog prince to draw.

frog prince drawing

If you are interested in more frog drawing ideas, check out my blog post 20 Easy Frog Drawing Ideas.

12. Fairy and Mushroom

Here is a drawing I made a while back for one of my other blog posts of a fairy sitting on top of a mushroom.

fairy mushroom drawing

13. Dragon

We just absolutely have to draw a dragon!

Here is one of my popular dragon drawings that you all seem to enjoy.

easy dragon drawing fairy tale

If you are interested in drawing more dragons, check out my blog post 15 Easy Dragon Drawing Ideas.

14. Fairy Tale Book

Let’s draw a fairy tale book next!

fairy tale book drawing

15. Princess

Here is a simple drawing of a princess to try out as well!

princess easy drawing

16. Prince

And here is our prince drawing too 🙂

prince easy drawing

17. Moon

This drawing is one I created a while back for another blog post, but I thought it fit our fairy tale vibe and decided to add it here!

moon drawing fairy tale

18. Mermaid

Let’s also draw a mermaid! I also added some little fishies beside her.

mermaid drawing

19. Elf Wearing Cloak

Here is a full-figure elf drawing to try out!

elf cloak drawing

20. Butterflies

Butterflies make me feel as if I am already living in a fairy tale so I decided to include them in this blog post.

butterfly drawing easy

21. Wizard

Let’s draw a wizard too!

wizard magician drawing

22. Unicorn with Wings

For our final drawing, let’s draw a unicorn with wings!

unicorn with wings drawing

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Thank you so much for visiting my blog post!

I hope you found some fairy tale drawing ideas you wanted to try drawing yourself!

Please let me know which drawing was your favorite in the comment section down below! (It takes some time for the comment to show up because I have to approve each of them)

Also, if you have anything you want me to draw, feel free to comment it down below as well!

I am wishing all of you a wonderful day or night, and until next time!

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