30 Easy Round Things to Draw

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Welcome back to another drawing ideas blog post!

Today I wanted to give you some ideas of easy round things to draw from a circle.

These drawings are very simple and perfect for beginner artists!

The hardest part may be drawing the circle.

Imperfect circles are perfectly fine but if you’d like some help, I’d recommend drawing around a cup or washi tape roll to get your perfect circle.

You can also use a compass drawing tool!

Drawing Tips: I recommend starting off your drawing with a pencil sketch. Once you are satisfied with your sketch, go over your lines with an ink pen. When the ink is dry, erase the pencil sketch underneath to reveal your final drawing!

Feel free to draw however way you like though!

Now let’s get to our doodles! I hope you enjoy!

1. Donut

For our first round drawing, let’s draw a delicious donut!

donut drawing easy

2. Faces

For our next drawing, I didn’t feel like drawing any old smiley face, so I drew some funny ones.

faces circle drawing

3. Moon

Here is a simple, but adorable moon drawing to try out.

moon drawing easy

4. Clock

Let’s draw a clock next from a circle.

clock drawing round

5. Ladybug

For our next drawing, let’s draw a ladybug!

ladybug drawing circle

6. Globe

Here is a cute drawing idea of a globe to try as well.

globe drawing circle

7. Lollipop

Let’s draw a lollipop from a circle too.

lollipop drawing easy round

8. Vinyl Record

I love how this doodle turned out of a vinyl record! I hope you enjoy drawing this one too πŸ™‚

vinyl record drawing cd

9. Pizza

I love pizza so I had to make sure to include it on this list!

pizza drawing easy

10. Balls

Here are some different types of balls to draw from a circle too.

balls drawing circle round

11. Planets

Let’s also draw some planets!

Feel free to create your own unique planet with a design of your own too.

planets drawing round circle

12. Yin Yang

Next, let’s draw the yin yang symbol.

yin yang drawing circle

13. Hamster Wheel

Let’s draw a hamster running on a hamster wheel next!

hamster wheel circle drawing

If you are interested in drawing more hamsters, check out my other blog post 20 Easy Hamster Drawing Ideas.

14. Badge

Here is a simple drawing of a badge to try out as well.

badge circle drawing

15. Wheel

Next, let’s draw a wheel.

wheel drawing circle

16. Eye Ball

Here is a simple drawing of an eye ball to try out as well.

eye ball drawing

17. Panda

Pandas are very round so I decided to draw a panda next!

panda face drawing

18. Beach Ball

Here is a fun drawing idea of a beach ball as well.

beach ball drawing

19. Crystal Ball

This is a drawing I created for one of my older blog posts and thought it would be a perfect addition to this blog post.

crystal ball drawing

20. Snail Shell

Here is a cute drawing of a snail to try out. The shell is drawn from a circle!

snail shell circle drawing

21. Button

Let’s draw a simple doodle of a button next!

button drawing circle

22. Apple

Let’s draw a fruit from our circle drawing.

I drew an apple but feel free to draw whatever fruit (or vegetable) you like!

apple round drawing

23. Window

Next, let’s draw a round window.

Feel free to draw whatever scene you what to see through your window.

round window drawing

24. Bird

Here is an adorable drawing of a round bird to draw!

round bird drawing

25. Sheep

Let’s also draw a round sheep next πŸ™‚

round sheep drawing easy

26. Mountain

Mountains aren’t exactly round but I wanted to include this drawing, which is one I created for one of my older blog posts.

If you are interested in creating more complicated drawings than the ones in this blog post, check out the blog post 30 Easy Circle Drawing Ideas.

mountain drawing circle

27. Angel

For our next drawing, let’s draw an angel’s face.

angel round drawing

28. Disco Ball

Turn your circle into a disco ball next!

disco ball drawing round

29. Flower

Let’s create a flower out of a circle next.

flower drawing easy

30. Bubbles

For our final drawing, let’s draw some round bubbles!

bubbles drawing round easy

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Thank you so much for visiting this blog post!

I hope you enjoyed these round doodle ideas and was able to find something you wanted to try drawing.

Let me know in the comment section which ones you enjoyed the most!

Also, feel free to suggest any drawing ideas you’d like to see from me in the future! (It may take a while for comments to show up as I have to manually approve each of them)

I am wishing you a wonderful day or night, and until next time!

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  • That hamster was really cute! I have a hamster myself. I really love your drawings πŸ™‚ they’re super good. But mine… are at least %75 worse …..

    • Awww hamsters are adorable <3 I had several when growing up πŸ™‚
      Hahaha you'll keep getting better with practice! I love that you're enjoying the drawing process!