20 Cute Easy Hamster Drawing Ideas

I’ve been really enjoying drawing animals these days so I decided to create a bunch of hamster drawings next.

Hamsters are so adorable and they were actually my first furry pet I had when I was a child.

I hope you have fun drawing these cute adorable furballs!

Drawing Tip: I like to start drawing with a pencil sketch. When I am satisfied with the sketch, I will then go over the lines with an ink pen. Once the ink dries, I erase the pencil sketch underneath.

Feel free to draw completely using a pencil as well, or whatever medium you are enjoying πŸ™‚

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1. Hamster Face

Let’s start off simple with drawing a cute hamster face.

Feel free to color it in however way you like!

easy hamster drawing

The ink pen I used in this drawing, as well as many others in this blog post, is the Sakura Pigma Micron Pen. I got mine in a set from Amazon here in case you are interested.

2. Sitting Hamster

Here is a cute little marshmallow-like drawing of a hamster sitting down.

hamster cute drawing

3. Round Hamster

You can easily draw a hamster from a circle shape as well! Here are two examples for a quick doodle session.

I colored in this drawing using colored pencils.

cute easy hamster drawing

4. Full Cheeks

Next, let’s draw a hamster with some stuffed-to-the-max cheek pouches.

hamster cute drawing

5. Hamster in Tube

Here is a fun little drawing of a hamster going through a toilet paper roll.

hamster tube drawing

6. Hamster Wearing Bow Tie

Here is a simple cartoonish drawing of a hamster wearing a bow tie.

bow tie hamster drawing

7. Crowned Hamster

Let’s draw a cute hamster with a crown next!

king queen hamster crowned

8. Running on a Wheel

Of course I had to make a drawing of a hamster running on a wheel.

hamster wheel running drawing

9. Hamster Yawning

I’ve always thought a hamster’s yawn was amusing: They look so innocent and cute but when they yawn, they show their long, ferocious-looking teeth.

yawning hamster drawing

10. Wearing Glasses

Here is a fun, little drawing of a hamster wearing glasses to draw as well.

hamster wearing glasses drawing

11. Counting Petals

I like to incorporate flowers into my drawings so here is a hamster counting the petals of a flower.

“Do they like me? Do they not?”

hamster flower drawing

12. Hamster Doodle

Here is a drawing of a hamster I made from another blog post 50 Cute Easy Things To Draw.

cute hamster drawing

13. Saving a Peanut for Later

Here is a drawing of a hamster stuffing a peanut into their cheek for later.

hamster eating peanut drawing

14. Flower Hamster

I wanted to draw a hamster with a flower on its head, so here it is!

hamster flower drawing

15. Napping in the Corner

I often had hamsters that like to dig into the corner of their cage and sleep there, and created a drawing inspired by that.

But then it looked like a graph so I added a few extra details to add a little spin to the drawing.

hamster graph drawing

16. More Please?

Here is a cute drawing of a hamster sitting in their food bowl.

Sometimes it’s not that there’s no food, it’s that the food is stashed somewhere else…

hamster drawing cute food bowl

17. Hamster Driving

Here is a cute and funny drawing of a hamster driving a car.

hamster driving car drawing cute

18. Surprised Hamster

Here is a drawing of a scared hamster :O

hamster drawing surprised

19. Lazy Hamster

Let’s draw a lazy hamster as well!

Sleepy hamster drawing

20. Hamsters are Cool

I like to draw animals with sunglasses, so here is our little hamster friend wearing some as well.

hamster drawing sunglasses

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Thank you so much for visiting this blog post!

I hope you found some fun little hamster drawing ideas to try out in your sketchbook or doodle page.

If you are interested in more drawing ideas, feel free to look around this blog for more! I have a lot πŸ™‚

I hope you have a wonderful day or night and until next time! Keep drawing!

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