21 Easy House Drawing Ideas

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I’m back with some more drawing ideas, and this time, let’s have some fun drawing some simple house doodles.

Drawing houses is a great way to practice drawing because they usually consist of geometric shapes put together.

Plus, they can help you practice perspective drawing.

Drawing is a great way to get one’s mind to relax – So I hope you enjoy this little collection of house drawings and draw away!

Drawing Tips: I recommend first starting off your drawing with a pencil sketch. Afterwards, go over your pencil sketch with an ink pen. Once the ink dries, erase the sketch underneath to reveal your finished drawing!

house drawing ideas

1. Simple Houses

Here is a step-by-step drawing tutorial on how to draw a basic house.

You can use this tutorial to help you draw all the other house drawings in this blog post 🙂

Step 1: Draw a rectangle. This will be the main shape of your house.

house drawing step by step

Step 2: Draw the roof of your house.

house doodle

Step 3: Draw the chimney.

house drawing

Step 4: Draw the door of your house.

house drawing easy

Step 5: Draw the windows.

And your house drawing is done!

house doodle

Below are some more simple house drawing ideas to help you get started on drawing different houses!

house doodles simple

2. Neighborhood House

Another good way to practice drawing houses is to draw the houses in your neighborhood.

simple house drawing

3. House on a Hill

Here’s a drawing of a lone house on a hill top. What a serene place it’d be to live there!

house on a hill drawing

4. Types of Houses

Here are some more examples of houses to draw. They all have different roofs as well 🙂

house doodles drawing

5. Tiny House

Let’s draw a cute drawing of a tiny house on wheels next!

tiny house drawing

6. Home is Where the Heart is

Here’s a simple, quick doodle of a house with a heart in it.

home house heart doodle

7. Windows

Here’s a house with a bunch of different windows to help you practice drawing.

house windows drawing easy

8. House in the Clouds

Here’s a cool yet simple drawing idea of a house in the clouds.

house drawing clouds doodle

9. House Doodles

These doodles are from my other blog post 40 Small Simple Tattoo Ideas.

house doodles easy

10. House and Trees

Here’s a simple drawing of a house surrounded by trees.

simple house drawing

11. Big House

Let’s draw a big house in our sketchbook or doodle page next!

big house drawing

12. Bird House

We can’t forget our bird friends! Here’s a simple drawing of a bird house to try as well!

simple bird house drawing

13. Growing a Flower

I wanted to incorporate a flower into this drawing, so here’s a house with a flower growing from the chimney.

house flower drawing

14. Wonky House

Here’s a house drawing that ended up a little wonky… but still cool.

easy house drawing

15. Tree House

Let’s draw a tree house next!

tree house drawing

16. House with Face

Sometimes these house drawings look like they could have faces on them, so here’s one inspired by that thought.

welcome home drawing face

17. Dog House

Let’s draw a dog house next. It ended up looking like it could be Snoopy’s house 😂

dog house drawing

18. House Covered in Vines

Houses covered in vines look so pretty, so here’s a drawing of one!

house vines drawing

19. Floating Away

Here’s a drawing of a house being carried away by a bunch of balloons.

balloons house doodle

20. Greenhouse

Here is a cute little greenhouse drawing to try out as well!

greenhouse drawing lineart illustration

21. Wearing Sunglasses

Let’s draw a house wearing sunglasses, just for fun!

house sunglasses drawing

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Thank you so much for stopping by this blog post!

I hope you enjoyed these little house drawings and found one that interested you in drawing it.

If you are looking for more drawing ideas, feel free to take a look around this blog because there are many more 🙂

I am wishing you a wonderful day or night, and until next time! Keep drawing!

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