20 Easy Tree Drawing Ideas

I am back today with another drawing idea blog post!

Let’s create some easy, simple tree drawings next in our sketchbook or doodle page.

I tried to add different styles when it comes to drawing trees so that you may find one that sparks your creative interest.

I hope you enjoy and let’s get to drawing 🙂

1. Pencil Tree Drawing

Let’s first start off with a basic pencil sketch of a tree.

When I begin drawing, I almost always start off with a pencil sketch.

pencil drawing easy tree

2. Easy Tree Doodles

Here are some quick, simple doodles of trees to draw.

I find them super cute and isn’t it cool that they look like leaves as well?

simple easy tree drawing

3. Apple Tree

Here is a simple drawing of an apple tree to try.

apple tree drawing

4. Colored Pencil Tree Drawing

I love drawing trees using colored pencils.

It brings out the bright, relaxing colors and feeling of nature and trees.

tree drawing color pencil

5. Tree Shapes

Trees come in all kinds of shapes and types. Here is another array of tree drawing ideas to draw.

easy tree drawing doodles

6. Palm Tree

Here is a simple doodle of a palm tree to draw next in your sketchbook.

palm tree easy drawing

Here is another cool drawing idea of a palm tree and the sun.

palm tree drawing sun

7. Tree House

When I was a kid, I always thought it would be cool to have a tree house, so here’s a little doodle of one instead ^^

tree house drawing

8. Tree and Birds

Here is another little, simple doodle of a tree with birds flying in the background.

tree drawing simple

9. Socotra Dragon Tree

This is a really cool tree so I wanted to share it in this blog post.

To me, it sort of looks like a mushroom in tree form.

The Socotra Dragon Tree is also known as the Dragon’s Blood Tree because when it is cut, it looks like it’s bleeding because the sap is red.

Resource: The Revelator

socotra dragon tree drawing art

10. Tree Roots

Let’s create a drawing of a tree’s roots.

tree roots drawing

11. Tree Rings

Tree rings tell stories about not just the tree but the environment and climate of the area the tree grew in.

Here is a simple little doodle of the rings of a tree.

tree ring drawing art stump

12. Two Trees Growing as One

Have you ever seen two trees that grow too close together that they eventually become intertwined with each other?

two trees growing as one heart

13. Flowering Tree

Here is a beautiful drawing idea of a flowering tree to draw using colored pencils.

flowering tree drawing sakura cherry

14. Cat in Tree Drawing

Let’s draw a simple drawing of a cat sitting up in a tree.

cat tree drawing

15. Tree with a Face

When I was a kid I would try to look for the faces on trees through their knots, holes, and bark patterns. Here is a little doodle I drew inspired by that.

tree drawing simple for kids

16. Christmas Tree

Here is a little drawing of a Christmas Tree because they are so beautiful and fun to draw!

christmas tree drawing

17. Tree in Hand

Here is a cool drawing idea of a tree growing in someone’s hand.

tree in hand drawing

18. Oldest Tree

It is believed that the oldest trees are the Great Basin Bristlecone Pines that are known to live for thousands of years.

The oldest one was discovered to be over 5000 years old.

They have a cool, twisty shape to them, perhaps due to the harsh conditions in which they live.

oldest tree drawing bristlecone pine

Isn’t it cool how the oldest trees don’t live in a mild climate but instead a cold, harsh, windy environment? Trees are so cool 🙂

Resource: TreeAtlanta

19. Tree Swing

Here is another colored pencil drawing idea of a tree with a swing on it.

tree swing drawing

20. Pine Trees

For our last tree drawing idea, let’s create some simple pine tree drawings.

pine tree drawing evergreen

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Thank you so much for visiting my blog post!

I hope you enjoyed and found some cute or simple tree drawing ideas to draw.

If you are interested in more drawing ideas, feel free to look around my blog for many more ideas.

I hope you have a wonderful day or night, and until next time 🙂

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