80 Japanese Love Songs

Hi everyone!

I love listening to music so I decided to create a list of Japanese songs I love listening to.

There is a variety of songs here, from some 80’s, 90’s, to early 2000’s and onwards.

All of these songs were picked through my personal taste in music, but there are many famous, popular Japanese songs included on this list.

I was going to divide the songs between happy and sad love songs but like all things in life, music isn’t black and white so I just ended up putting everything together.

All links lead to Youtube, specifically the artist’s official channel or the Topic channel.

Otherwise, if there is no link please search up the song because someone else will probably have uploaded it.

I don’t know how long these links will work because Japanese songs tend to get taken down a lot on Youtube but if the link doesn’t work, try searching for it on Youtube and somebody else will probably have uploaded it.

Also I’m pretty sure most of these songs are love songs but note that I’m not fluent in Japanese (Although I understand quite a bit). Hopefully I interpreted them alright ^^

Note: Some of the songs on this list are covers so the artist named on this list may not be the original artist.

Now let’s get to the music. I hope you enjoy πŸ™‚

Japanese Love Songs

1. Love Story Wa Totsuzenni – Oda Kazumasa

2. Kirari – Ikimonogakari

3. I Love You – Ozaki Yutaka

4. Ai wo Kudasai – ONEβ˜†DRAFT

5. Kiss Kiss Kiss – BENI

6. I Love… – Official Hige Dandism

7. Let Go – m-flo and Yoshika

8. Kimi No Kirei Ni Kizuite Okure – Sambomaster

9. Robinson – Spitz

10. Rain – Hata Motohiro

11. Boku no Soba ni – Tokunaga Hideaki (I recommend watching his live performances)

japanese love songs

12. Love So Sweet – ARASHI

13. Sakura – Ketsumeishi

14. Why Did I Fall in Love With You – Tohoshinki (DBSK)

15. Trust You – Ito Yuna

16. Plastic Love – Takeuchi Mariya

17. Love Space – Yamashita Tatsuro

18. Nukumori – HOME MADE KAZOKU

19. Ryuusei – Kobukuro

20. Everything – MISIA

21. Aishiteru – Kourin

22. Renai Circulation – Hanazawa Kana

23. Summer Time – NEWS

24. Distance – Nishino Kana

25. Itoshisugite – KG and Tiara

26. Milk and Coffee – Itou Kashitaro

27. Eine Kleine – Yonezu Kenshi

28. Mayonaka no Door (Stay With Me) – Matsubara Miki

29. Sakuranbo – Otsuka Ai

30. Futari Shizuka – Hanazawa Kana and Hino Satoshi

31. Trust Me – Matsushita Yuya

32. Moratorium – Omoinotake

33. My Dearest – Supercell

34. Imademo Zutto – Spontania and Ito Yuna

35. Mou Koi Nante Shinai – Makihara Noriyuki

36. La La La Love Song – Kubota Toshinobu

37. Lovers Again – EXILE

38. Mahou no Kotoba – Spitz

39. Ai Uta – Kobasolo and Lefty Hand Cream

40. Love Letter – BoA

41. Kimi ni Todoke – Tanizawa Tomofumi

42. Sen no Yoru wo Koete – AquaTimez

43. Koisuru Fortune Cookie – AKB48

44. Yakusoku no Hi – Dohzi-T and Aoyama Thelma

45. First Love – Utada Hikaru

46. YOU – KAT-TUN (It’s very hard to find this song these days)

47. Hitomi wo Tojite – Hirai Ken

48. Toki no Nagare ni Mi wo Makase – Teresa Teng

49. Dear… – Nishino Kana

50. Blue – Fujifabric

sad japanese love songs

51. One More Time, One More Chance – Yamazaki Masayoshi (Just a heads-up: 51-55 are songs that make me cry, they may or may not make you cry too)

52. Yuki no Hana – Nakashima Mika

53. Ikanaide – Tamaki Koji

54. Kokoronashi – Sou

55. Aitai – Tokunaga Hideaki (I like his live performance of this song)

56. Train – ONEβ˜†DRAFT

57. Sakura Kiss – Kawabe Chieko

58. Your Love – Miura Daichi and KREVA

59. Hanamizuki – Tokunaga Hideaki

60. Genesis of Aquarion – Akino and Bless4

61. Gomen ne Juliet – Yamashita Tomohisa

62. Missing – Toshinobu Kubota

63. One Love – Dohzi-T and Shimizu Shota

64. Soba ni Iru ne – Aoyama Thelma and SoulJa

65. Kaze – Kobukuro

66. Stay With Me – Matsubara Miki

67. Saigo no Iiwake – Tokunaga Hideaki

68. Forever Love – Shimizu Shota and Kato Miliyah (There is also another version called Love Forever)

69. Aitakatta – AKB48

70. Anata ni Aitakutte – Matsuda Seiko (I also like John Hoon’s cover of this song)

71. Kimi Ga Irudake De – Kome Kome Club

72. Get Chu! – AAA

73. Kimi Ga Suki – Shimizu Shota

74. Rainy Blue – Tokunaga Hideaki

75. All Alone With You – Egoist

76. Ashita ga Kuru Nara – JUJU and JAY’ED

77. Anata ni Aitakute – AZU and SPONTANIA

78. Merry-Go-Round – Yamashita Tatsuro

79. Jikan Yo Tomare – AZU and SEAMO

80. YOU – Kobukuro

Thank you so much for visiting this blog post!

I’m going to the end the list here for now. I will probably add more songs in the future as I remember more songs and discover new ones.

I hope this list of songs was helpful for you if you were searching for Japanese songs or just wanted something nice to listen to.

Music feeds the soul and in my opinion, love songs are the best type to feed your heart with.

What Japanese love songs do you enjoy? Feel free to comment below your favorite Japanese love song, whether they are on the list or not.

I hope you have a wonderful day or night and until next time!

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