30 Easy Square & Rectangle Drawing Ideas

Hi everyone!

I am back with another drawing ideas blog post.

Today, we will be drawing things out of squares and rectangles!

I wanted to create a collection of super simple drawing ideas anyone can try out. Even kids can give it a try!

For most of these drawings, simply start off by drawing a square or rectangle. Then, add the additional details of the drawing.

Here are a few more drawing tips for any beginner artists:

First start off your drawing by creating a pencil sketch. Once you are satisfied with your sketch, go over your lines with an ink pen. Once the ink dries, erase the sketch underneath to reveal your final drawing!

Feel free to draw however you like though!

I hope that you have lots of fun and your mind may ease from any troubles you may have.

Now let’s get to the drawings! Enjoy!

square rectangle drawing ideas

1. Dog and Cat

Let’s start off this blog post with a drawing of a cat and a dog!

dog and cat drawing

2. Cube

Here is a step-by-step drawing idea of a cube to try out as well.

You can use this as a basis for any cube or box you want to draw.

cube drawing easy

3. Door

For our next drawing, let’s draw some stairs leading up to a door.

door drawing easy stairs

4. Polaroid

Let’s draw a polaroid next!

This one is an old drawing I made for a previous blog post, and I love it so much I had to share it here too!

space saturn polaroid drawing

5. Mug

Let’s draw a simple drawing of a mug with a smiley face on it next.

Feel free to add your own design to your mug drawing too.

mug drawing easy square

6. Dinosaur

Let’s draw an adorable dinosaur drawing out of a square also.

dinosaur drawing easy square

7. Retro TV

For our next drawing, let’s draw an old-school antenna TV.

tv drawing easy square

8. Hi

Here is a fun little drawing idea to try out: Let’s draw a word using rectangles.

I actually saw someone drew the word “Hi” using chalk when I was going on a walk one day.

It reads Hi in two different directions, and I thought that was really cool!

hi drawing easy rectangles

9. Shopping Cart

For our next doodle, let’s draw a shopping cart out of a rectangle.

shopping cart drawing

10. Bird

Here is an adorable drawing of a bird to draw from a rectangle.

rectangle bird drawing

11. Window

Let’s draw a window next.

I drew mine open with a cat looking outside. I think it came out so cute!

window cat drawing rectangle

12. Robot

Here is an adorable drawing of a robot to try drawing as well!

robot drawing easy

13. Letter

Here is a very simple doodle of a letter to draw.

letter mail drawing easy

14. Candles

Let’s draw some candles out of rectangles next.

candles drawing easy

15. Dice

Let’s use the step-by-step cube drawing tutorial from earlier (#2) to draw a dice next!

dice drawing easy

16. Camera

For our next drawing, let’s create a simple drawing of a camera.

camera doodle rectangle drawing

17. Horse

I love this drawing idea of a horse made of rectangles.

I hope you enjoy drawing it too 🙂

horse drawing easy rectangles

18. Fish

Let’s draw some fish out of squares next.

square fish drawing

If you are interested in drawing more fish, check out my blog post 20 Easy Fish Drawing Ideas for more ideas!

19. Cardboard Box

Let’s draw a cardboard box next!

This drawing may look a little difficult to draw, so I added some steps below to help you.

open me cardboard box drawing
cardboard box step by step

20. Laptop

Here is a cute drawing of a laptop to try out.

laptop drawing easy

21. Bear

Let’s create a simple doodle of a bear out of a square next.

square bear drawing easy

22. Bus

Here is a simple drawing idea of a bus to draw from a rectangle.

bus drawing easy rectangle

23. Buildings

Let’s draw some houses and buildings next!

Below are a few different ones to try out from rectangles.

house doodles drawing rectangle

If you are interested in drawing more houses, check out my other blog post 21 Easy House Drawing Ideas fore more.

24. Lock

For our next drawing, let’s draw a lock.

lock drawing easy

25. Juice Box

Here is a cute drawing idea of a juice box to draw next.

juice box drawing easy

26. Check Pattern

Let’s draw a checkered pattern next!

check pattern drawing

If you’d like to draw more patterns, check out this blog post: 100+ Easy Fun Patterns to Draw

27. Flower Pot

Here is a simple drawing of a flower pot to draw from a square.

flower pot drawing

28. Book

Let’s draw a book next from a rectangle.

book drawing easy

29. Train

I love how this train drawing turned out from a long, thin rectangle.

I hope you give it a try too 🙂

train drawing easy

30. Battery

For our final drawing for this blog post, let’s draw a battery from a rectangle.

I hope these drawings gave you a charge up of energy!

battery drawing rectangle drawing

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Thank you so much for visiting this blog post!

I had lots of fun creating these square and rectangular drawing ideas, and I hope you had fun drawing them as well!

Let me know in the comment section below which one you enjoyed the most! (It takes a little while to show up because I have to manually approve each comment)

Please feel free to look around this blog for more drawing ideas… I have posted many!

I am wishing you all a wonderful day or night, and until next time 🙂

Keep doodling!

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