45 Small Quick Doodles to Draw When Bored

Hi everyone!

I wanted to create another blog post for small, quick doodles anyone can draw whenever they are bored and want something fun to do!

Drawing is a great way to relax and get your mind off of any worries or stress you might have.

I hope you have fun doodling these drawings! I tried to make them as simple as possible ^^

Drawing Tip: I recommend first starting off a drawing in pencil. Once you are satisfied with your sketch, you can go over it with an ink pen. After the ink dries, erase the pencil sketch underneath and you have your finished doodle!

Now, let’s get to the drawings!

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1. Butterfly

Let’s first start off this doodle list with a simple drawing of a butterfly!

butterfly doodle

2. Fire

Fire can be pretty fun to draw so here are a couple doodle examples of fire drawings.

fire drawing

3. Hot Air Balloon

Here is a simple doodle idea of a hot air balloon floating across the sky.

hot air balloon doodle

4. Flowers

Next, let’s draw some flowers!

Below are some simple flower doodles that beginner artists can try drawing πŸ™‚

flower doodles drawing

5. Umbrella

Umbrellas have such a unique shape so I think they’re fun to draw.

umbrella drawing

6. Cups

I love drinking coffee and tea so here are some doodle ideas for coffee and tea lovers!

I also really love looking at cute cup designs so feel free to change it up to your own taste.

cup doodle

7. Animals

When I was young, I loved drawing animals – So here’s a couple animal faces to try drawing!

Also, drawing animals is a great way to improve drawing skills πŸ™‚

animal drawing

I also have another blog post, 35 Easy Animal Drawing Ideas, if you are interested in doodling more animals.

8. Vines

Let’s draw some plants now!

A fun little doodle to draw is vines. It’s so simple to draw, yet you can use it to decorate your sketchbook page or any drawing you want to create.

vine doodles

9. Ghost

Ghosts are such a cute little subject to draw so let’s draw one next!

ghost doodle

10. Patterns

Patterns are so fun to doodle!

I especially enjoy adding patterns to drawings I’m already creating. It adds a special touch to them πŸ™‚

Below are a few examples of patterns you can try drawing.

pattern drawing

If you are interested in drawing more patterns, visit my other blog post 100+ Fun, Easy Patterns to Draw!

11. Houses

Doodling houses can be really fun so here are a few to try out yourself!

house doodle

12. Lightbulb

Next, let’s try drawing a lightbulb. This one has a little heart in it.

lightbulb drawing

13. Moon and Planets

I love doodling moons and planets into my drawings.

It makes any drawing dreamy-looking.

moon planet drawing

14. Lamp

I wanted to doodle a lamp, but then I added some other items that might be on a nightstand.

I think this drawing idea came out really cute!

lamp clock notebook doodle

15. Paintbrush

Here is a very simple paintbrush doodle to try out!

paintbrush drawing

16. Hearts

Let’s draw a bunch of hearts next!

If you’d like to draw more hearts, feel free to visit my other blog post 20 Easy Heart Drawing Ideas.

heart doodles

17. Cars

Cars and vehicles in general can be a little difficult to draw, so here are some simplified little doodles to draw of them.

car doodles

18. Dinosaurs

Now, let’s draw some dinosaurs!

Below are some simple and adorable doodles of dinosaurs to draw.

And if you are interested in drawing more dinos, check out my blog post 22 Cute Easy Dinosaur Drawing Ideas.

dinosaur drawing

19. Purses

I think drawing clothes and fashion pieces can be pretty fun!

Below are some purse doodle ideas to try out.

purse bag drawing

20. Rubber Duck

Rubber ducks are so cute so let’s draw one next πŸ™‚

rubber duck drawing

21. Diamond

Let’s draw a diamond now in our sketchbook.

diamond doodle

22. Cat

Let’s doodle a cat peeking out from behind a corner!

cat doodle

23. Cake

I wanted to draw food next, so here is a doodle of a slice of cake.

cake doodle

24. Key

Let’s create a doodle of a key next!

key doodle

25. Crown

Here is a simple doodle of a crown to draw.

crown doodle

26. Letter

Next, let’s draw a letter sealed with a heart!

mail letter drawing

27. Camping Life

I love drawing outdoor, camping-themed doodles, so here is a doodle of mountains, trees, and a tent.

outdoors camping tent mountain drawing

28. Camera

I use the camera a lot for work so I decided to doodle a camera.

camera drawing simple

29. Heart Eyes

People can be a little tough to draw, but I hope this doodle of a girl with heart eyes can be simple enough to try out.

girl drawing heart

30. Fish

I wanted to create a fish doodle, and it ended up being a fish leaping out of a fish bowl.

fish drawing

31. Mushrooms

Now let’s draw some mushrooms.

Below are two different mushrooms to try drawing.

mushroom doodle

If you’d like to draw more mushrooms, you might be interested in my blog post 20 Easy Mushroom Drawing Ideas.

32. Laptop

Here is an adorable doodle of a laptop with a smiley face.

laptop drawing

33. Fruit

Let’s draw some more food… This time, fruits!

Here are a bunch of different fruits to try doodling.

fruit doodles

If you want to draw more food, like sushi, bread, or even vege’s, check out my blog post 30 Cute & Easy Food Drawing Ideas.

34. Snail

I wasn’t sure what to draw next, but for some reason… I ended up drawing this snail!

snail doodle

35. Hats

Let’s draw some hats next.

Below is a cap, bucket hat, and a cowboy hat to try doodling.

hat doodles

36. Jellyfish

I wasn’t sure if I should draw an octopus or a jellyfish for this doodle. I ended up drawing a jellyfish!

jellyfish drawing

37. Stars

I doodle stars so much in my drawings, so here are some stars with smiley faces to draw.

star doodles

38. Rocket and UFO

Below is a doodle of a rocket ship and an UFO to try out.

You can add it to your doodles of stars πŸ™‚

rocket ufo doodle

39. Leaves

Let’s draw something green next.

Below are different leaf shapes to try doodling.

leaf clover drawing

40. Stickman

People can be hard to draw so let’s draw a stickman instead!

This stickman is running because I was listening to RUN BTS when I was drawing this.

running stickman drawing

41. Sunset

I can’t believe I haven’t added a sunset or sunrise drawing to this list yet.

We’ve already doodled a moon so let’s draw the sun now.

sunset doodle

42. Candle

I decided to doodle a candle next!

candle drawing

43. Bowtie and Tie

Below is a doodle of a bowtie and a tie to draw as well.

bowtie tie doodle

44. Door

Let’s draw an open door next. Feel free to draw something on the other side of that open door.

door drawing

45. Skateboard

For our final drawing, I wanted to draw something cool.

So I decided to create a doodle of someone skateboarding. I really like how this doodle came out πŸ™‚

skateboard doodle drawing

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Thank you so much for stopping by this blog post!

I hope you enjoyed these simple, quick doodle ideas!

Let me know in the comment section if you tried one (or a couple) out!

Also, if you are interested in something slightly more challenging, feel free to look around my blog for even more drawing ideas because I have a lot here!

I am wishing you a wonderful day or night and until next time my lovely drawing enthusiasts <3

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