22 Cute Easy Dinosaur Drawing Ideas

Hi everyone!

I’m back with another drawing ideas blog post for any beginner drawing enthusiasts.

So here is a list of easy dinosaur drawing ideas for all you dino lovers out there.

I got this blog post idea from one of my commenters (Summer) so thank you so much for the idea!

Drawing Tips to Get You Started:

First start off your drawing with a pencil sketch.

Once you are satisfied with your sketch, trace over the lines with an ink pen.

Once the ink dries, erase the pencil sketch underneath to reveal your final ink drawing.

Feel free to color in your drawing afterwards as well with the medium of your choice!

And last but not least, I hope you have fun drawing πŸ™‚

Drawing is a great way to relax and quiet the mind from all the chatter of every day life so I hope these drawing ideas can help with that.

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easy cute dinosaur drawing ideas

1. Dinosaur Faces

Let’s start off our blog post with some simple drawings of dinosaur faces.

Sometimes the whole dinosaur can be a bit daunting to draw, so here’s a drawing idea for anyone who needs something simpler to draw.

dinosaur faces drawing

2. Running T-Rex

This little dinosaur drawing is from a previous blog post but I had to include it in here because it’s so adorable.

running trex drawing

3. Pterosaur

Below is a drawing of a Pterosaur to try out.

I tried to simplify it as much as possible and I think it turned out pretty cute so I hope you enjoy drawing this one.

pterosaur drawing dinosaur

4. Dino Egg

I wanted to create a drawing of a baby dinosaur hatching from an egg so here is a simple doodle of one.

Feel free to change it up with whatever dinosaur you prefer.

dinosaur egg drawing

5. Roaring T-Rex

Below is a simple line drawing of a roaring T-rex to try out.

trex drawing dinosaur

6. Brontosaurus

I think when I was a kid, I liked Brontosaurus the best out of all the dinosaurs, so here’s a drawing of one.

I also remember drawing this dinosaur the most when I was a child xD

Do you have a favorite dinosaur?

brontosaurus drawing dinosaur

7. Astronaut Dino

Here is a more whimsical drawing idea of a dinosaur floating in outer space.

I think this dinosaur drawing came out awesome so I hope you enjoy this drawing idea πŸ™‚

astronaut trex drawing dinosaur space

8. Parasaurolophus

Below is a simple little doodle of a Parasaurolophus to try drawing (that’s a mouthful-of-a-name xD)

parasaurolophus drawing dinosaur

9. Triceratops

Next, let’s create a drawing of Triceratops.

Triceratops is such a unique dinosaur so I hope you have fun drawing this guy!

Triceratops dinosaur drawing

10. Stegosaurus

Here is an adorable drawing of a Stegosaurus to draw as well.

Stegosaurus was also another one of the dinosaurs that I really liked as a child so I had fun creating this one.

stegosaurus drawing easy

11. Green Dino

Here is a cute drawing of a green dino to try drawing.

dinosaur easy for kids drawing

12. Plesiosaurus

I wanted to draw an aquatic dinosaur so here is a drawing of Plesiosaurus.

It kind of looks like the Loch Ness Monster.

plesiosaurus drawing dino

13. Dinosaur in a Snow Globe

The time I write this blog post, it’s Christmas season so I decided to create this little drawing of a dinosaur inside a snow globe.

dinosaur snow globe brontosaurus

14. Sunglasses Dino

I often create drawings featuring sunglasses so here’s a little drawing idea of our dino wearing some shades.

trex sunglasses dinosaur drawing

15. Sleepy Dino

Here’s another drawing of a Stegosaurus, this one sleeping.

Feel free to draw other dinosaur types sleeping as well!

sleepy stegosaurus dinosaur drawing

16. Spinosaurus

Below is a drawing of Spinosaurus to try drawing.

Spinosaurus is one of the dinosaurs in this blog post that I didn’t know the name of so I’m glad I’m creating this blog post…

I am learning a lot about dinosaur types!

spinosaurus drawing dinosaur

17. Dino Doodles

Below are a couple of simple dinosaur doodles, perfect for beginner artists and even kids πŸ™‚

simple dinosaur drawing kids

18. Dinosaur Footprint

Below is a line drawing of a dinosaur footprint to draw.

dinosaur footprint drawing

19. Ankylosaurus

Here is a drawing of Ankylosaurus, the armored dinosaur.

ankylosaurus drawing dinosaur

20. T-Rex Skull

Let’s draw a dinosaur skull next in our sketchbook.

dinosaur trex skull drawing

21. Angel T-Rex

Here’s a drawing of our little T-rex as an angel.

angel dinosaur doodle

22. Skating Dino

I drew another Stegosaurus… I couldn’t help it, they’re so fun to draw!

Here is one roller-skating and another skateboarding πŸ™‚

skating stegosaurus dinosaur drawing

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Thank you so much for stopping by this blog post!

I hope you enjoyed this little list of dinosaur drawing ideas and that it inspired you to try giving a dinosaur drawing a try.

Let me know in the comment section which dinosaur drawing you enjoyed!

And please let me know any suggestions as to what I should draw next!

Wishing you all a wonderful day or night, and until next time πŸ™‚

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  • Your drawings are amazing just like you and I found it adorable how on 17 the dinosaur in the middle looks like a taco it was adorable <3

  • Thanks for sharing these easy and cute dinosaur drawing ideas! As someone who is not the best at drawing, I appreciate the tips you provided at the beginning. I especially love the running T-Rex and the astronaut dino drawings, they are so fun and creative. Keep up the great work and thanks again for sharing your talents with us!

  • My friend and I love these little drawings you have done. Would it be ok if we got a couple of them as tattoos? πŸ˜€

    • Aww that makes me so happy to hear! Send me an email (it’s in my contact page) with the drawings you are interested in getting tattooed attached. Have a lovely day!

  • These are some of the most adorable Dino’s ever! It’s so nice to just listen to music while drawing thank you so much!