21 Easy Christmas & Winter Drawing Ideas

As I write this blog post, Christmas season is fast-approaching so I figured I should create a blog post of easy Christmas drawing ideas to try drawing.

Whether you are looking to draw Santa Claus, a snowman, reindeer, or Christmas ornaments – I hope you find the right drawing idea for you 🙂

Most of these drawings are simple so they are a perfect fit for beginner artists – so draw away!

Drawing Tips:

I recommend starting off your drawing in pencil to create the sketch.

Afterwards go over with an ink pen if you’d like.

Erase the pencil sketch underneath once the ink dries, and you have yourself your finished drawing!

Feel free to color it with the medium of your choice.

And above all, have fun 🙂

easy christmas drawing ideas

1. Santa Claus

Let’s start off our drawing list by drawing Santa Claus!

Below I have included several Santa Claus drawings so that you can find the one you’d like to draw.

Our first drawing starts off with a simple drawing of Santa Claus’s face.

santa claus face drawing

Here is a full body drawing of Santa Claus to try out as well.

I have included both a line drawing and a colored-in drawing.

santa claus drawing
santa claus art

2. Snowflakes: No Two Snowflakes are Alike

For our next drawing, let’s draw some snowflakes!

Snowflakes are a wonderful drawing subject and feel free to explore and draw whatever kind of snowflake you like!

Below are a few examples to try out.

snowflake drawing no two alike

3. Christmas Ornaments

Let’s draw some Christmas ornaments as well.

It’s a fun yet simple way to practice drawing shapes, lines, and patterns – Perfect for beginner artists.

christmas ornaments drawing

4. Christmas Tree

No Christmas drawing list would be complete without a Christmas tree drawing!

Here is a very simple doodle of one below.

christmas tree drawing

5. Snowman Drawing

It’s been a while since I’ve made a snowman so let’s draw one instead!

snowman drawing simple

6. Gingerbread Man

Here is an adorable drawing idea of a gingerbread man.

gingerbread man drawing

7. Elf

Here is a very simple drawing of an elf to try out in your sketchbook.

elf drawing easy

8. Black Cat

I wanted to draw a cat in this blog post, so here’s one with a Santa Claus hat and scarf to make him extra festive for the holidays.

christmas cat drawing

9. Christmas Presents

Here are few drawing ideas of Christmas presents to draw.

I find drawing boxes and 3D shapes fun and it’s a good way to practice perspective-style drawings so give it a try 🙂

christmas present drawing

10. Bells

Here is a line drawing of bells to draw in your Christmas drawing list.

christmas bell drawing silver

11. Reindeer

Animals can be difficult to draw so here is a simple drawing of a reindeer to try out.

reindeer drawing rudolph

12. Wreath

Wreaths are fairly simple to draw so I hope you give this drawing idea a try as well!

christmas wreath drawing

13. Christmas Stocking

Let’s draw a Christmas stocking next in our sketchbook.

sunglasses cat drawing christmas stocking

14. Holly

I feel like Holly branches are reminiscent of the holiday season, so here is a simple drawing of Holly berries and leaves.

holly drawing easy

15. Snow Globe

Here is a simple but cute drawing idea of a snow globe.

Feel free to put whatever you like in your snow globe drawing 🙂

snowglobe drawing christmas

16. Girl and Boy

Let’s create a drawing of a girl and boy dressed in Christmas attire.

girl boy winter drawing

17. Jingle Bell

Here is a little drawing of a jingle bell to draw.

jingle bell drawing

18. Candle

I feel like candles are reminiscent of the holiday season so here is a simple drawing of a candle.

candle drawing

19. Snowman and Reindeer Faces

I wanted to create a cute Christmas-themed drawing idea, so here is a little doodle of Frosty and Rudolph’s faces.

snowman reindeer drawing winter

20. Five-Pointed Star

Let’s draw the star that goes on top of the Christmas tree.

Check out this blog post for more star drawing ideas as well!

five point star drawing

21. Candy Canes

Let’s end this blog post with a drawing of some candy canes.

I kind of drew them to create a heart in the middle – Do you see it?

candy cane drawing

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Thank you so much for stopping by this blog post!

I hope you enjoyed this little list of Christmas drawing ideas.

If you have any recommendations as to what I should draw next, feel free to leave it in the comments!

I wish you all a Happy Holiday Season!

Until next time my lovely readers and drawing enthusiasts – take care!

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