40 Cool Things to Draw in Your Sketchbook

Here is a list of cool things to draw in your sketchbook – For anyone looking to fill some empty pages with fun drawings.

It can be difficult to find inspiration for your next drawing or art piece.

That is why I wanted to create a collection of drawings here on my blog: To give artists inspiration and motivation to draw away to their heart’s content!

I tried to include different levels of drawings to try, whether you are a beginner or intermediate level drawing enthusiast.

I hope you find the right drawing idea that sparks your enthusiasm to begin drawing!

Drawing Tips:

First create a pencil sketch of your drawing.

Once you are satisfied with you sketch, outline your drawing with an ink pen.

Erase the sketch underneath when the ink dries – And you have yourself a finished drawing!

If you are looking for what art supplies I use to create my drawings, please check out my blog post Art Supplies I Use.

** This blog post is an updated version of my previous one on cool things to draw. I wanted to bring more original posts here on this blog. I hope you may understand these changes.

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1. Mountains

Let’s first start off this blog post with a simple drawing of some mountains.

Mountains are a great subject for anyone learning to draw so I hope you give this drawing a try in your sketchbook πŸ™‚

mountains drawing moon

2. Puzzle Quote

I think quotes accompanied by drawings are a great addition to any sketchbook.

If you read or hear a quote that inspires you, write it down and create a drawing to go along with it.

It’s a great way to test and expand your creativity skills as well!

puzzle drawing it all comes together

3. Dragon

When I was young, I loved drawing dragons all the time!

I thought they were the coolest subject to draw – so I had to include a dragon drawing on this list.

Dragons can be drawn in so many ways so feel free to experiment and draw as many kinds as you can imagine!

dragon drawing cool

4. Headphones

Here is a cool and cute little drawing of a heart listening to its own beat/tune.

I thought it was a neat idea – I hope you enjoy πŸ™‚

heart headphones drawing

5. Paper Airplane

Paper airplanes are a cool drawing idea – so I decided to create a little doodle with it going around the world.

Even small, fragile things can do big things with some imagination.

paper airplane world drawing

6. Cool Patterns

Drawing patterns is a fun way to pass time and create a cool drawing.

Here is a collection of different patterns to try out in your sketchbook.

If you are looking for more patterns, feel free to check out my blog post 100 Fun Easy Patterns to Draw.

cool patterns to draw

7. Realistic Eye

For our next sketchbook idea, let’s try practicing how to draw a realistic eye.

It can be difficult to draw human faces so I like practicing certain parts of the face – And the eye is the perfect subject because they express so much character and emotion.

eye drawing female

8. Cat and Laptop

Here is a cute yet aesthetic drawing idea of a cat sitting on a laptop.

I love drawing cats and thought this little doodle would be a perfect subject to sketch in someone’s sketchbook.

cat laptop drawing cute aesthetic

9. Shoes

I’ve been interested in buying a new pair of shoes and it inspired me to create this drawing!

Let’s draw some flowers coming out of these shoes.

converse shoes drawing cool flowers

10. Rose Flower

Roses can be a bit difficult to draw so here is a step-by-step drawing of a rose.

Once you get how to draw this rose down, they become so fun and easy to draw!

You might just find yourself drawing them everywhere…

rose flower drawing cool

If you are interested in more rose drawing ideas, check out my blog post 15 Easy Rose Drawing Ideas.

11. Juice Boxes

I find drawing boxes and rectangles kinda cool and fun so here is a drawing of some juice boxes.

It’s random but I thought it was a cute idea to try out.

juice box drawing

12. Cassette Tape

Let’s create a retro drawing of a cassette mix tape.

I think this drawing idea turned out beautiful so I hope you have fun recreating this drawing as well πŸ™‚

cassette tape mixtape drawing aesthetic

13. Yin Yang

The yin yang symbol is cool so I drew it with a little twist.

Here is a doodle of a black and white fish swimming together.

I think it came out beautiful!

yin yang fish drawing

14. Fairy

Mushrooms and fairies are cool drawing subjects – So here is a drawing of them together.

fairy mushroom drawing

15. A Boy and the Universe

I love drawing anything space-themed in these drawing lists, so here is a drawing idea of a boy swallowing up the universe.

eat the universe space drawing

16. Moon and Clouds

The moon is always a cool subject to draw.

Below is a drawing of a black moon surrounded by some clouds.

moon drawing clouds cool

17. Ribbon Drawing

I remember learning how to create this ribbon drawing when I was in elementary school.

It’s a really cool drawing idea and it’s also a good way to practice shading and adding value to your art.

ribbon drawing

Here is the final drawing of the ribbon with all the shading finished!

ribbon drawing shading

18. Life is a Disco Party

I hope your day is filled with fun and joy, as if life were like a disco party.

life is a disco party drawing

19. Anime Character

Any drawing of an anime or manga character is already cool in my book πŸ˜‰

anime girl character drawing

If you are interested in learning how to draw anime characters, check out these blog posts:

30 Easy Anime Girl Drawing Ideas and 30 Easy Male Drawing Ideas

20. Retro PC

I think old school technology is pretty cool so here’s a drawing of a retro PC to try out.

retro pc computer drawing

21. Heart Flowers

Here is a drawing idea of two flowers forming a heart.

flower heart drawing

22. Cat with Shades

This has become one of my most popular drawings so I figure a lot of people must think it’s cool ^^

I hope you like this cool cat sporting some shades!

cool cat drawing easy

23. Jar of Luck

Here is a little doodle of some four leaf clovers in a jar to draw.

I hope it brings you good luck πŸ™‚

good luck jar drawing four leaf clover

24. Cool S Drawing

When I was in middle school, everyone was drawing their S’s like this.

I have to admit it is easy, fun, and a cool-looking S, so I hope you enjoy drawing it as well!

cool letter s drawing 3d

25. Compass Drawing

I wanted to draw a compass so here is how it turned out!

I added the little quote of “I choose my own way” because it resonates a lot with me.

I hope that you too can do your best to follow the compass that is your own heart.

choose my own way compass drawing

26. Heart Planet

Here is a simple but cool drawing of a heart-shaped planet to draw.

space heart drawing

27. Zombie

Zombies are cool right?

Here is a drawing idea of a zombie’s hand coming out of the ground to draw.

rip drawing tombstone zombie

28. Vine-Covered House

I always thought it would be cool to live in a vine-covered house.

But drawing one will suffice instead ^^”

vine house drawing

29. Things That Make Me Happy

Drawing doodles of any kind is cool – So here is a prompt to draw anything and everything that makes you happy.

Below are the things that make me happy!

things that make me happy drawing

30. Dog and Cat

Below is an adorable drawing of a dog and cat to draw.

cat dog drawing cute

31. Hands

If someone can draw hands, I think that’s a cool skill to have!

Hands are so difficult to draw… the hands I drew below took a long time to complete.

But the more you practice the better you become, so here are some hand drawings to try out and practice.

hands drawing

If you’d like to learn more on how to draw hands, check out my blog post How to Draw Hands.

32. Airplane Window

Here is a cool drawing idea of a view outside an airplane window.

Feel free to change up what you see outside your airplane window in your sketchbook drawing πŸ™‚

airplane view window drawing

33. Capybara

Capybaras are one of the coolest animals so he had to be on this list.

Here is a drawing of one riding on a shooting star.

capybara drawing cute cool

34. Record Player

I wanted to create another retro drawing idea, so here’s a drawing of a record player to draw.

record player drawing cool aesthetic

35. Shark

I thought drawing sharks was so cool when I was young so here is a drawing of a shark with its jaws wide open.

shark drawing jaws

36. Whale with Balloons

I think whales are a lovely subject to draw.

I added a little twist to this drawing but having him fly with some balloons.

whale balloons drawing

37. Blue Butterflies

Butterflies are cool and magical-looking so of course they had to be on this list.

Here is a drawing idea of some blue butterflies to try out.

cool blue butterflies drawing

38. Polaroid Drawing

Let’s create an aesthetic drawing of a polaroid.

Feel free to create whatever drawing you like in your polaroid!

space travel drawing polaroid

39. Balloon

Let’s create a simple drawing of a balloon.

I added the moon and stars inside this balloon drawing to make it a little different.

night sky balloon drawing

40. Gameboy

I wanted to draw another retro tech drawing and decided to draw a Gameboy πŸ™‚

I never had a Gameboy growing up, but I would watch my friends play Pokemon on theirs and it brings back memories of recess

gameboy drawing retro cool aesthetic

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Thank you so much for stumbling on my blog post!

I hope you enjoyed these little drawings and that you may have found on that sparked some creative passion in you to begin drawing!

I appreciate all of you who have left such supportive comments for my art!

Please let me know if there are any drawings you’d like to see from me πŸ™‚

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